All About Maggie Simpson

Maggie Simpson
Maggie Simpson. Twentieth Century Fox

Maggie Simpson, the youngest family member on The Simpsons, has played a key role in many, many episodes. Even after almost three decades, Maggie Simpson is still only a year old. Let's look at some fun trivia and facts about baby Maggie Simpson.

How much does Maggie Simpson cost in the opening titles?

If you pause an episode of The Simpsons while you're watching the opening sequence, you will see that Maggie costs $847.63, a figure once given as the amount of money required to raise a baby for one month in the United States, according to creator Matt Groening.


Maggie Simpson's full name is Margaret Simpson. Her first spoken word was "Daddy" (spoken by guest star Elizabeth Taylor). Her nemesis is Gerald, the baby with one eyebrow who can be see in .

Substitute Pacifiers

Maggie Simpson is usually seen sucking on a pacifier. But when she's had to, she has found comfort using other items. Here's a sample list of other items that have been substituted for pacifiers.

  • Fried shrimp ("Homer's Night Out")
  • Krusty pacifier ("Krusty Gets Busted")
  • Bart's severed finger ("Treehouse of Horror")
  • Flash card ("Blood Feud")
  • Chess piece ("Homer Defined")
  • Seatbelt ("Homer Alone")
  • Bart doll ("A Streetcar Named Marge")
  • Herb's nose ("Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes?")
  • A cigarette ("Lisa the Beauty Queen")
  • A dreidel ("Homer's Triple Bypass")
  • A giant tooth ("Last Exit to Springfield")
  • Diamond-studded pacifier ("Treehouse of Horror V")
  • Drink umbrella ("Bart Sells His Soul")
  • Christmas cookie ("Miracle on Evergreen Terrace")

    Sharing Her Pacifier

    Maggie Simpson is generous with her pacifier, as well. Sometimes, she has given it to other characters to suck on when they're upset.

    • Bart ("Some Enchanted Evening")
    • A bear ("The Call of the Simpsons")
    • Homer ("The Crepes of Wrath")
    • Lisa's pony ("Lisa's Pony")
    • A snake ("Whacking Day")
    • Mr. Burns ("Rosebud")

      Baby Genius

      In some episodes of The Simpsons, Maggie Simpson is obviously more intelligent than she seems. Here are several instances when she does things that babies would never do.

      • Knows what a VCR remote is used for ("Some Enchanted Evening")
      • Spells out "E=MC sq" with toy blocks ("Bart the Genius")
      • Communicates with bears ("The Call of the Simpsons")
      • Shows Lisa an "Aztec" flash card after seeing the Olmec head ("Blood Feud")
      • Drives Homer's car ("Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie")
      • Spells "redrum" on blocks ("Treehouse of Horror V")
      • Saves Bart and Lisa from Willie ("Treehouse of Horror VI")
      • Uses a fire extinguisher to put out curtains (""Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious"")

      Favorite Episodes

      Several of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons center on Maggie Simpson.

      "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badasssss Song" - Maggie's nemesis, Gerald the baby with the unibrow, shows himself for the first time. She scowls at him as he goes by in a baby buggy.

      "Lady Bouvier's Lover" - Again we see Maggie scowling at Gerald, when Lisa explains there are no babies invited to Maggie's birthday party because she doesn't get along with them.

      "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" - Bart is supposed to babysit Maggie, but she escapes and takes Homer's car for a spin.

      While driving, she cuts off another driver who makes an obscene gesture. Maggie returns the compliment.

      "A Streetcar Named Marge" - Maggie becomes the "prison" leader of the daycare as the babies work to retrieve their pacifiers.