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The Allen and Allan surname derive from "aluinn," meaning fair or handsome.

The Allan surname spelled with an "a" is generally considered to be associated with Scottish clans, including Clan Donald, Clan Grant, Clan MacFarlane, and Clan MacKay. Spelled with an "e," however, the Allen surname is generally considered to be English in origin. However, a variety of names from a variety of regions might be anglicized as either Allen or Allan, so the name spelling may not point to your family's origin.

Surname Origin

Scottish, English

Alternate Surname Spellings


Famous People With the Surname ALLEN

  • Ethan Allen - leader of the Green Mountain Boys and an American officer during the Revolutionary War
  • Kris Allen - winner of American Idol, season eight
  • Lily Allen - British pop star
  • Richard Allen - minister, educator, writer, and founder of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) denomination
  • Marcus Allen - National Football Hall of Fame member, inducted 2003

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