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Everything you need to know about the irregular French verb aller

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Aller is one of the most common French verbs. It is irregular in conjugation and literally means "to go." It is also used in some idiomatic expressions and to conjugate the near future.

Aller means "to go" in most senses that verb is used in English.

   Je vais à la banque
   I'm going to the bank.

   Il va avec vous
   He's going with you.

   Nous allons au cinéma
   We're going to the movies.

   Où vas-tu ?

   Where are you going?

   Ça va bien
   It's going well.

Expressions with Aller

Aller is used in several idiomatic expressions:

   Je vais à pied
   I am going on foot.

   Ça va sans dire
   That goes without saying.

   On y va ?
   Shall we go?

Futur proche

Aller is commonly used to express the near future - the idea that someone is going to do something. This construction is formed by conjugating aller and adding the infinitive of the action that is about to occur.

   Je vais étudier
   I am going to study.

   Vas-tu nous aider ?
   Are you going to help us?

   Nous allons partir dans cinq minutes
   We're going to leave in five minutes.


Present tense

   je vais
   tu vas
   il va
   nous allons
   vous allez
   ils vont

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