Mineral Pictures

Mineral Pictures: Photos and Images of Minerals

Crystals of amethyst from Brazil.
Amethyst is purple quartz, which is silicon dioxide. The color may derive from manganese or ferric thiocyanate. Nasir Khan, morguefile.com

This is an alphabetical list of pictures of minerals, including mineral crystals, rough specimens, and minerals that have been cut for use as gemstones. You may browse the mineral photo gallery, if you prefer to scan minerals according to their photos.

Agate (Chalcedony)
   red-banded agate that is also known as sard or sardonyx

Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl)
   faceted alexandrite displaying the color change effect

Almandine or Carbuncle
   alamandine garnet in gneiss

Amethyst (Quartz)
   amethyst crystals
   rough specimen
   amethyst geode

Ametrine (Quartz)
   faceted ametrine

Apatite (Apatite)
   apatite crystals

Aquamarine (Beryl)
   faceted aquamarine

   native arsenic specimen

Aventurine (Chalcedony)
   polished aventurine nugget

   azurite crystals
   azurite geode

Benitoite (Benitoite)
   benitoite crystals in their matrix

Beryl (Beryl)
   electron micrograph of hexagonal beryl crystal
   rough beryls from the Emerald Hollow Mine, NC
   beryl crystals in matrix

Bloodstone (Chalcedony)
   polished bloodstone nugget

Carnelian (Chalcedony)
   carnelian specimen

   carnelian example of the mineral chalcedony
   rough jasper example of chalcedony


Chrysoberyl (Chrysoberyl)
   faceted chrysoberyl, displaying fluorescence
   cymophane or catseye chrysoberyl

   polished chrysocolla nugget

Citrine (Quartz)
   faceted citrine

   piece of native copper
   crystals of native copper on a rock
   another example of native copper

Corundum (see also Ruby and Sapphire)
   rough corundum (sapphire) from North Carolina

Diamond (Diamond)
   rough octohedral diamond crystal
   faceted diamond

Emerald (Beryl)
   858-carat Galacha Emerald
   rough emerald crystals
   single rough emerald crystal

   blue fluorite or fluorspar crystals
   reddish fluorite crystals on matrix

Garnet (Almandine, Andratite, Grossularite, Pyrope, Spessartine, Uvarovite)
   alamandine garnet crystal in gneiss
   spessartine garnet
   faceted garnet
   garnet crystals with quartz
   small garnet, showing a typical wine color associated with the gemstone

   native gold nugget

Halite (Rock Salt)
   halite crystal
   single halite crystal
   example of halite or rock salt crystals

Heliodor (Beryl)
   heliodor crystal

Heliotrope (Chalcedony)
   polished heliotrope

   rough hematite specimen

Hiddenite (Spodumene)
   hiddenite from Hiddenite, NC

Iolite (Cordierite)
   faceted iolite

Jade (Jadeite or Nephrite)

Jasper (Chalcedony)
   rough jasper
   polished orbicular jasper

   kyanite crystals

Labradorite (Spectrolite)
   rough labradorite specimen

Malachite (Malachite)
   polished malachite nugget

   flakes of mica from Hiddenite, NC

   small specimen of monazite from NC

Moonstone (Albite, Microcline Feldspar, Orthoclase, Plagioclase)

Morganite (Beryl)
   uncut morganite crystal

Olivine (Chrysolite)
   olivine in lava
   green sand composed of olivine
   gemstone-quality olivine, or peridot

Opal (Opal)
   rough opal from Nevada
   massive opal from Australia
   iron-bearing rock containing veils of opal

Peridot (Olivine)
   rough peridot

   native platinum, likely associated with other platinum metals

   pyrite crystals in matrix
   another example of pyrite crystals

Quartz (Quartz)
   clear quartz crystals (rock crystal)
   smoky quartz crystals

Rock Crystal (Quartz)
   quartz crystals

Rose Quartz (Quartz)
   rough rose quartz

Ruby (Corundum)
   faceted ruby
   rough ruby
   unfaceted ruby from North Carolina
   another unfaceted ruby from North Carolina

   rutile needles in quartz
   quartz crystal with rutile needle inclusions

Sapphire (Corundum)
   faceted sapphire with diamonds
   star sapphire
   Star of India blue star sapphire

Sard (Chalcedony)
   red-banded agate that is also known as sard or sardonyx

   red-banded agate that is also known as sard or sardonyx

   silver crystals

Sodalite (Sodalite)
   rough sodalite specimen

Spessartine or Spessartite
   spessartine garnet crystals

Spinel (Spinel)
   spinel crystals

Sugilite (Sugilite)
   polished sugilite nugget
   polished sugilite tile

   sulfur crystals
   native sulfur crystals

Sunstone (Oligoclase Feldspar)
   polished sunstone nugget

Tanzanite (Zoisite)
   faceted tanzanite

Topaz (Topaz)
   topaz crystals
   colorless topaz crystal
   red topaz crystal

Tourmaline (Tourmaline)
   tri-color tourmaline crystals with quartz
   Emerald Cut Green Tourmaline

Turquoise (Turquoise)
   polished turquoise nugget