Amanda Bynes Talks About "She's the Man"

Bynes Explores Her Masculine Side in This Romantic Comedy

Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum Photo from She's the Man
Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum star in "She's the Man.". © DreamWorks Pictures

The new guy on campus is really a girl just pretending to be male in the romantic comedy, "She's the Man," starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. Bynes plays a high school student who masquerades as her twin brother and falls for his hot roommate in this teen-oriented tale from director Andy Fickman.

Amanda Bynes Explains Her Attraction to “She’s the Man:” “I liked that it was a unique storyline and I liked that it was based on 'Twelfth Night,' and the fact that I got to dress up as a guy.

I liked the 'Tootsie' type quality that Andy [Fickman] wanted it to be like where I'm falling in love with my roommate, but I'm dressed as a guy. He likes me too, but I'm a guy and he likes this other girl more and there's this whole tangled web.

It was a funny thing to imagine and once we read it, like the whole cast, it came to life. Reading it in script form wasn't as funny as watching people perform it, which is just like Shakespeare. Reading it, it's hard, but when people act out Shakespeare in a play it's much better.”

Amanda Bynes on Discovering Her Masculine Side: Bynes says she loved Felicity Huffman in “Transamerica” and after finding out she was going to star in “She’s the Man,” her director gave her the gender bending comedy “Just One of the Guys” to check out. Bynes liked both movies but felt she was going for something different with this particular character.

In order to sell herself playing a boy, Bynes had to come up with a more masculine voice.

“There was only like one. It was kind of just like the deep version of my voice, that's what it became. I don't really know. If I had worked with a vocal coach or something I could've done it better.” The males on the set helped her out as filming went on. “They were totally helpful. They were like, 'Keep your voice low.' And everyone sort of helped me stay like a guy and I needed help because you would forget and I was tired.”

Bynes went with director Fickman to the mall and watched the way boys carried on as opposed to girls. “Andy called me and he said that he wanted to start. He asked to meet me at The Grove and then we'd discuss what we were doing there. So we went there and went to a bookstore because he wanted to get me a journal. I went and got this flowered journal. He's like, 'No. You're getting a man's journal.' He got me a manly-looking journal and just started to tell me to write things down – just an exercise. Like, what would I think if I heard this or that… He'd name girls and ask what I thought about them, and I'd have to write it in a guy's voice. 'Paris Hilton. Hot.' Some stuff like that, and it was so uncomfortable and I would laugh after I did it.

We just started watching guys walk and how they compared to girls. I was jotting stuff down that I thought would really help me, but it was all stuff just to remind myself that I was going to be a different person.”

Amanda Bynes Gets Physical: Not only did she have to learn to play soccer for the film, Bynes also had a chick fight in “She’s the Man.” She escaped the fight without any injuries, but did get a little hurt during the soccer training.

“The one time that I did get hurt, and what I still have somewhat of a scar from, is the first day that I started training for soccer. We were in a park and there was like this muddy patch that I found and slipped and I landed in the mud. I scraped my arm on something. When we did the girl fight scene we were all hitting each other, but I think that they were bruised because they were the ones that were like, ‘Whatever,’ but I came out of it unscathed, I think.”

Bynes is good at physical comedy and says it comes to her naturally. “It's definitely a gift. If you watch the greats, that's the best way to learn. I would watch them and then try to do it. You just sort of mimic. I do sort of feel like I'm a mimic. I feel like I could do anything that I could mimic and so I'm excited to do different things.”

Amanda Bynes on the Film’s Target Audience: What will girls take away from this movie? Bynes answered, “Me, personally, I hope that they have a good time and laugh and have fun because nothing is better than laughing. It's the best. We had fun making it and so I hope that they have fun watching it.”

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