Amanda Prahl

Amanda Prahl

Like most writers, Amanda's internet search history is a motley assortment that would take some serious explaining. Her major fields of interest are the arts, literature, and history, with a particular focus on women's history.


Amanda's love for history and literature began at a young age and never stopped. In addition to writing in the humanities section of ThoughtCo, her cultural commentary has been published on outlets including HowlRound, Slate, and BroadwayWorld. She's a contributor for Chegg, where she advises students on writing skills, grammar, and navigating the academic and professional worlds, drawing on her experience as a lecturer and instructor at the university level. She loves exploring and explaining stories of all shapes and sizes.

Amanda's other major interest is theatre, particularly classical and musical theatre. She has multiple credits as a dramaturg, and her plays and musicals have appeared at festivals and new works series.


What do you do with a BA in English? Get an MFA in playwriting, too! Educated at Arizona State University.

Amanda Prahl

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