50 Amazing Asian Inventions

10,000 BCE to 2000 CE

Asian Inventors have created dozens of the things we take for granted in our daily lives. They also domesticated most of our most important livestock and many pet animals. Explore fifty of the most amazing Asian inventions of all time!

Prehistoric Asian Inventions: 10,000 - 3,500 BCE

Rooster struts his stuff; his ancestors were red junglefowl in Southeast Asia
Pretty bantam rooster, descended from red junglefowl that were domesticated in Southeast Asia. Domestic rooster by Carly and Art on Flickr.com

Domestication of wheat and peas, Domestication of sheep, Domestication of cats, Domestication of cattle, Invention of pottery, Weaving of the first cloth, Domestication of chickens, Discovery of alcoholic drinks, Domestication of rice, Invention of the Wheel

Ancient Asian Inventions: 3,500 - 1,000 BCE

Phoenician sailors in what is now Lebanon first learned glassmaking
Blown glass art, derived from an ancient Phoenician discovery. Blown glass, photo by destinelee on Flickr.com
Invention of silk cloth, Invention of written language, Invention of glass, Invention of soap, Invention of ink, Invention of the parasol, Invention of irrigation canals, Invention of cartography (map-making), Invention of the oar, Invention of the kite

Inventions of Classical Asia: 1,000 BCE - 500 CE

Beautiful old saddle from Inner Mongolia, possible birthplace of saddles and stirrups.
An ancient saddle from the Museum of Inner Mongolia, in China. Mongolian Saddle, by Sam Ose / Olai Skjaervoy on Flickr.com

Invention of the collapsible umbrella, Invention of the crossbow, Invention of the mirror, Invention of ice cream, Invention of paper, Invention of the wheelbarrow, Invention of the seismometer, Invention of the abacus, Invention of saddles and stirrups, Invention of Indo-Arabic numbers

Medieval Asian Inventions: 500 - 1100 CE

Developed in ancient India to teach battle tactics, chess is enjoyed around the world.
Chess players in Dupont Circle, Washington DC, hone their skills at an ancient Indian game. Chess game, by dbking on Flickr.com

Invention of toilet paper, Invention of chess, Invention of perfume, Invention of porcelain, Invention of gunpowder, Invention of the windmill, Invention of the flamethrower, Invention of canal locks, Invention of the hypodermic needle, Invention of the mechanical clock

Early Modern and Modern Asian Inventions: 1100 - 2000 CE

Museum model of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite (1957).
Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth, was launched from Russia in 1957. Model of Sputnik, by Marcin Wichary on Flickr.com
Invention of the magnetic compass, Invention of paper money, Invention of metal movable type, Invention of the land mine, Invention of the toothbrush, Invention of the satellite, Invention of the washlet bidet, Invention of the PC sound card, Invention of the PlayStation game device