America First Party

"Fighting for Faith, Freedom and the Constitution to Put America First"

The original America First Party was founded in 1944 when it ran Gerald K. Smith as a presidential candidate, who lost with just 1,700 votes. The party was renamed Christian Nationalist Crusade in 1947. In1952, a remnant of the old party, along with the Christian Nationalist Crusade, ran Douglas MacArthur as president without their consent. Throughout the twentieth century, several other groups –- unconnected to the original party –- ran under the name “America First Party.”

In 2002, a new America First Party was formed by Pat Buchanan’s supporters, who expressed disgust over the way he was treated by the leadership of the declining Reform Party.
While not overt, there are several references to faith and religion in the ideology of the America First Party. Their basic platform involves unequivocal allegiance to America’s founding documents:
  • The immediate termination of all programs of foreign aid, whether military or non-military, to all foreign governments
  • Immediate withdrawal from the UN and Nato
  • The repeal of all federal gun legislation and state firearm laws which are not in accordance with the US Constitution
  • Strong immigration reform including the repeal of amnesty laws and the prompt deportation of all illegal aliens and a clarification of the 14th Amendment that does not recognize the US citizenship of children born to illegal immigrants on US soil
  • English as America’s official language
  • The passage of a balanced budget amendment
  • Raising tariffs on imported goods and a ban on all imported goods produced by child labor
  • Protecting the ocean and fishing rights
  • Eliminate regulations that artificially impede the production of domestic oil while enacting a transition to alternative fuels
  • Protecting the right to life for all US citizens, and implementing laws that make it easier for qualified people to adopt unwanted children
  • People have the right to choose their health care providers and have quality health care and no one – including the patient – has the right to make decisions that result in the death of the patient
  • Outlawing cloning and the development of genetic mutations
  • Parents have the right to choose how their children are educated
  • Restoration of god to the public square
  • Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman only
  • Abolishing hate-crime legislation since crime is crime, regardless of the reason
  • State’s rights
  • The ability of congress to overturn misguided and unconstitutional judicial decisions
  • Elimination of affirmative action
  • Campaign finance and election reform