American History Timeline 1601 - 1625

Painting of Pocahontas saving John Smith from 1607

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  • Sir Walter Raleigh is imprisoned in the Tower of London for a plot against King James I.


  • Captain Bartholomew Gosnold is the first Englishman to land on the New England coast.


  • Roger Williams, the future founder of Rhode Island, is born.


  • Virginia Company of London is granted a Royal Charter to settle in the New World.


  • Jamestown is founded under the patent of the London Company.
  • Captain John Smith meets Pocahontas.


  • Captain John Smith writes A True Relation of Such Occurences and Accidents of Noate(sic) as Hath Hapned(sic) in Virginia Since the First Planting of That Collony(sic).


  • English explorer Henry Hudson explores the Delaware Bay and Hudson River.


  • Thomas West, Lord Delaware, was made Governor of Virginia.
  • Henry Hudson discovers Hudson Bay.


  • Henry Hudson dies after being put off his ship by mutineers.


  • Captain John Smith writes A Map of Virginia.
  • The Dutch use Manhattan as a fur trading center.
  • Tobacco planted for the first time by English colonists in Virginia.


  • English Colonists in Virginia destroy the French settlements at Port Royal, Nova Scotia.


  • Sir Walter Raleigh writes The History of the World.
  • Pocahontas marries John Rolfe.


  • Sir Walter Raleigh released from the Tower of London.
  • John Rolfe and Pocahontas travel to England. Pocahontas has been given the title Lady Rebecca.
  • William Baffin discovers Baffin Bay while searching for a Northwest passage.
  • Captain John Smith writes A Description of New England.
  • A smallpox epidemic decimates the New England Native American population.


  • Sir Walter Raleigh sets sail for Guiana.
  • Pocahontas dies in Gravesend, United Kingdom.


  • Sir Walter Raleigh returns to England and is executed.


  • The first representative colonial assembly, the House of Burgesses, was formed in Virginia.
  • First slaves in North America.


  • Mayflower Compact was signed.
  • Plymouth Colony founded in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  • John Carver was named the first governor of Plymouth Colony.


  • Sir Francis Wyatt becomes the new governor of Virginia.
  • English attempt to colonize Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.
  • John Carver dies.
  • The Dutch West Indies Company is chartered.


  • William Bradford became the governor of Plymouth Colony.


  • New Netherlands is organized in America.
  • First English settlement in New Hampshire is founded by David Thomas.


  • Virginia Company's charter is revoked.
  • Virginia becomes a Crown Colony.
  • Sir Francis Wyatt remains Governor of Virginia.
  • George Fox is born who will become the founder of the Society of Friends (Quakers).
  • Captain John Smith writes A General Historie(sic) of Virginia, the Summer Isles and New England.
  • The Dutch settle in New Amsterdam.


  • King James I dies and is succeeded by Charles I.


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