What Does Amritdhari Mean?

Sikh initiation ceremony
Initiation ceremony. (S.Kiranjot Singh Malhotra/CC BY 2.0)

To define Amritdhari, let's break the word down into its component parts.

Amrit means immortalizing nectar. Dhari is a suffix which shows ownership and refers to the holder or possessor of Amrit.

The elixir prepared during the Sikh baptism ceremony, Amritsanchar, is called Amrit. An initiate who drinks Amrit is known afterward as an Amritdhari or one who posses Amrit.

After drinking Amrit, the Amritdhari initiate belongs to the order of Khalsa a saint soldier sect of Sikhs.

Amritdhari spiritual warriors do battle with the five voices of ego to overcome egoism and attain humility which is necessary to dispel duality and merge as one with the divine.

Some Amritdhari initiates say that when given Amrit to drink during the initiation ceremony, it felt as though they were swallowing a river.


 Aum rit dhaa ree

Alternate Spellings

Amritdharee, Amritdhaaree

Common Misspellings



Guru Arjan Dev wrote:

"Hamaaree piaaree amrit dhaaree gur nimakh na man tae ttaaree rae||1|| rehaao ||
My Beloved brought forth a river of nectar, which the Guru never diverted from my heart mind or soul, for even an instant." ||1||Pause|| SGGS||404

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