Tuesday - Amy's Hope From Monotony

Amy's Testimony of Finding Hope From the Monotony of Life

Hope from Monotony
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Just another Tuesday. Tuesday again… and again. Amy’s life was dry and routine and lacking. But, what was missing? She tried prayer and praise but still felt empty. Little did she know her simple prayer for purpose on a Tuesday would lead to an incredible awakening on Wednesday. This is her story.


It's 10 p.m. on Tuesday; too late to do anything and too early to call it a day. It was a usual day at work.

Nothing big happened and nothing bad either. I finished my errands and even found time to go to the gym. Of course, I could watch TV, but I was yearning for something more meaningful. Something that would spark inspiration, growth, hope … anything.

I could call the small group girls? Check on them; see if any wanted to hang out. No … I've tried that and homework is almost always the reply. It's not super exciting to hang out with their small group leader on a Tuesday night, anyway.

Mediocrity. Plateau. Monotony. Routine. Dry.

Why do these words keep coming into my heart? It's not that I need spontaneity. I just came back from that concert trip. But even with the lights, the music … The scene blurs and that feeling comes again--

Colorful Lights. Mediocrity. Distant Laughter. Monotony. Cold drink. Routine. Dry.

Praying for Purpose

Where is my purpose? What will awaken the deeper part of me? Is this where I will find you, God? What do I need to experience or do so I can live outside myself?

If I knew God's purpose for me I could live life fully, I conclude.

“Pray,” they said.

So, I tried praying.

It seemed like I was talking to myself, honestly.

So, I turned off the lights and turned on some praise music, because that's what a friend suggested.

A little better.

Oh, wait!

I think I heard him.

But was that my own thoughts or was that really God? I think it was my own thoughts, I conclude.

How do other people do it so well? I wonder. I need faith, I conclude.

Mediocrity. Plateau. Monotony. Routine. Dry.

It's 10 p.m. on Tuesday again. No more contemplative existential thinking. Just watch TV, I tell myself.

Tuesday comes. Tuesday again. Another Tuesday.


Then, I met him on a Wednesday.

We were in a coffee shop. He was reading the Bible. “It changed my life,” he said.

The Bible could be that interactive? To change someone's life?

“Okay,” I thought. “This is interesting. Something different.”

I attended the Bible study and the first time awakened me. “Who is God?” the study leader asked. I wasn't sure how to answer. Should I answer simply, intellectually, theologically, personally? She said, “Just answer according to the Bible.”

Hope From Monotony

One week became five weeks and turned into months. Each time, the Bible was like an adventure of verses intertwining to form a clear picture of God and His Plan. Was I actually enjoying the Bible? I really was. It was like hearing the start to your favorite song and getting ready to sing along. Like feeling the wind lap the hair off your face to cool your sweat when you've climbed a hill.

It was so refreshing.

Praise songs were now electric. I felt like I could sing the lyrics with depth. “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path!” I cried.

God, Your Word really is a guide for my path.

I enjoyed Bible study. Wow, I never thought I could say that. I love God's Word. I never thought I could say that. I love God. I could proclaim that without looking away, feeling corny. I feel purpose. Praise God!

Now, I feel a huge debt. If you yearn for purpose through God's eternal Word, if you desire hope from monotony, if you crave for the seed to be planted into something beyond yourself, please reach out to me at: Gods.word.inspire@gmail.com.

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