Ancestry of Jimmy Stewart

Actor Jimmy Stewart

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Beloved American actor Jimmy Stewart was born to typical small-town roots in Indiana, Pennsylvania, where his father owned the local hardware store. His father's Western Pennsylvania roots date back to 1772 when Jimmy's third great-grandfather Fergus Moorhead first arrived in what is now Indiana County. His mother's roots also stretch back to 1770s Pennsylvania.

First Generation

James Maitland Stewart, the oldest and only son of Alexander Stewart and Elizabeth Ruth Jackson, was born on 20 May 1908 in his parent's home at 975 Philadelphia Street in Indiana, Pennsylvania. The family soon expanded to include two sisters, Mary and Virginia. Jimmy's father, Alex (pronounced Alec) owned the local hardware store in town, J.M. Stewart & Co.

Jimmy Stewart married Gloria Hatrick in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, on 9 August 1949.

Second Generation (Parents)

  • Alexander M. Stewart was born on 19 May 1872 in Indiana County, Pennsylvania and died 28 Dec 1961 in Indiana Co., PA.
  • Elizabeth Ruth Jackson was born on 16 Mar 1875 in Indiana Co., PA and died 2 Aug 1953.

Alexander M. Stewart and Elizabeth Ruth Jackson were married in Indiana Co., PA on 19 Dec 1906 and had the following children:

  • Jimmy Maitland Stewart
  • Mary Wilson Stewart was born in Indiana Co., PA in 1912
  • Virginia Kelly Stewart was born in Indiana Co., PA in 1915

Third Generation (Grandparents)

  • James Maitland Stewart was born in Pennsylvania on 24 May 1839 and died on 16 Mar 1932.
  • Virginia Kelly was born in Pennsylvania about 1847 and died before 1888.

James Maitland Stewart married twice. First, he married Virginia Kelly and they had the following children:

  • Ralph Stewart was born in Pennsylvania on Oct 1869
  • Alexander M. Stewart
  • Ernest Taylor Stewart was born in Pennsylvania Sep 1874

Following the death of his first wife, Virginia, James Maitland STEWART married Martha A. about 1888.

  • Samuel McCartney Jackson was born in Sep 1833 in Pennsylvania
  • Mary E. Wilson was born in Nov 1844 in Pennsylvania

Samuel McCartney Jackson and Mary E. Wilson were married about 1868, and had the following children:

  • Mary Gertrude Jackson was born abt 1861 in PA
  • Lizzie Virginia Jackson was born abt 1862 in PA
  • Frank Wilson Jackson was born abt 1870 in PA
  • John H. Jackson was born abt Aug 1873 in PA
  • Elizabeth Ruth Jackson
  • Mary E Jackson was born abt 1877 in PA
  • Emily L. Jackson was born abt Apr 1882 in PA
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