Ancestry of Rev. Al Sharpton

The Reverend Alfred "Al" Sharpton is a well-known civil rights activist and Pentacostal minister. He was preaching in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, by the age of four, and in 1964, at the age of 10, he was ordained as a minister. His parents divorced the same year, after Alfred Sr. began an affair with Al Sharpton's half-sister, Tina - his mother Ada's daughter from a previous marriage.

In 2007, discovered that Al Sharpton's paternal great-grandfather Coleman Sharpton was an enslaved person whose enslaver was a relative of the late segregationist South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond.

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First Generation:

1. Alfred Charles SHARPTON Jr. was born 3 October 1954 in Brooklyn, New York to Alfred Charles SHARPTON, Sr. and Ada RICHARDS. Rev. Al Sharpton married Kathy Jordan in 1983 and the couple has two daughters: Dominique and Ashley.

Second Generation (Parents):

2. Alfred Charles SHARPTON Sr. was born about 1927 in Florida.

3. Ada RICHARDS was born about 1925 in Alabama.

Alfred Charles SHARPTON Sr. and Ada RICHARDS were married and had the following children:

  • i. Cheryl SHARPTON1 ii. Alfred Charles SHARPTON, Jr.

Third Generation (Grandparents):

4. Coleman SHARPTON, Jr. was born 10 Jan 1884 in Florida according to his WWI Draft Registration Card and the SSDI, although this may be inaccurate, as he does not appear in the 1885 Florida State Census with the rest of his family. He died 25 April 1971 in Wabasso, Indian River County, Florida.

5. Mamie Belle JACKSON was born 25 Feb 1891 in Georgia and died 12 July 1983 in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. She is most likely the Mamie SHARPTON appearing in the 1910 Berrien County, Georgia Census, with husband C. Sharpton and son Casey JACKSON. Other SHARPTON siblings are also found in Berrien County in 1910.

Coleman SHARPTON Jr. and Mamie Belle JACKSON married about 1910 and had the following children:

  • i. Kate Kanovia SHARPTON b. 1 March 1912 and died 1 December 1979 in Florida. She married Louis Baker, Sr.ii. Remather SHARPTON b. abt. 1914 in Florida and died 1932 in Florida.
    iii. Jesse SHARPTON b. 23 June 1915 in Florida and died 8 Dec 1973 in Indian River County, Florida. He married Emma WARREN.
    iv. Charlie SHARPTON b. abt. 1917 in Florida
    v. Magnolia SHARPTON b. abt. 1918; married Chester YOUNG in 1934
  • vi. Nathaniel SHARPTON b. 3 May 1920 in Liberty County, Florida and d. 16 June 2004 in Brooklyn, New York. He was fully paralyzed in an accident on 9 September 1951.vii. Ladia Bell SHARPTON b. abt. 1922 viii. Elijah SHARPTON b. abt. 1923; married 1942 Jushita ROBINSON
    ix. Elisha SHARPTON b. abt. 1923; married 1942 Inez COX
    x. Viola SHARPTON b. 24 Aug 1924 d. 24 Aug 2004
    xi. Essie Mae SHARPTON b. abt. 1926; married ? GREEN
    2. xii. Alfred Charles SHARPTON
    xiii. Leroy SHARPTON b. abt. 1929
    xiv. Raymond H. SHARPTON b. 24 May 1932 d. 23 Aug 1988

6. Emmett RICHARDS was born abt July 1900 in Henry County, Alabama and died 6 Nov 1954 in Henry County, Alabama.

7. Mattie D. CARTER was born 7 Mar 1903 in Alabama and died Dec 1971 in Eufaula, Barbour County, Alabama

Emmett RICHARDS and Mattie CARTER were married abt. 1922 in Alabama and had the following children:

  • i. Ree Dell RICHARDS b. abt. 19233. ii. Ada RICHARDS
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