Ancient Mesopotamia - Modern Iraq Resources

Resources on Ancient Mesopotamia - The Ancient Area Now Known as Iraq

Mesopotamia From The Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography
Mesopotamia From The Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography. The Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography, by Samuel Butler (1907/8)

Here you'll find pages on this site on various aspects of life and the people who lived in and around Mesopotamia or the area we now call Iraq.

  • Mesopotamia
    Basic information on the land between two rivers and statistics.
  • Iraq War on Ancient Artifacts
    A look at what we are doing to prevent the destruction of 7000 year old artifacts during war.
  • The Persian Wars
    The Persian Empire tried to expand to include Greece.


    The People of Mesopotamia

    • Achaemids - Medes
    • Assyria
      An introduction to ancient Assyria.
    • Babylonia
      An introduction to ancient Babylonia.
    • Cyrus
      Resources on Cyrus, a Persian king who conquered Babylon in 539 B.C.
    • Dilmun (Bahrain)
      Information on an ancient trading center that was probably modern Bahrain.
    • Epic of Gilgamesh
      The story of a legendary king of Uruk in Babylonia.
    • Hammurabi - Babylonia
      Information on the Babylonian king known for his law code.
    • Iraq
      Information on the early years of what is now Iraq.
    • Lebanon - Phoenicians
      Tyre is in Lebanon and was one of the areas in which the ancient Phoenicians lived.
    • Nebuchadnezzar - Babylonia
      Information on the Chaldean king known for his hanging gardens.
    • Persia
      Introduction to ancient Persia, the Medes, and Cyrus.
    • Qatar
      Information on the ancient country now known as Qatar -- the home of the Arab news service Al Jazeera.
    • Sargon the Great
      Ancient king of Akkad and father of the first named author.
    • Saudi Arabia
      In ancient times Saudi Arabia profited from agriculture and trade in many items, including frankincense and myrrh.
    • Sumer
      An introduction to ancient Sumer and the Sumerians.
    • Syria
      Information on the ancient area now known as Syria.

    Mesopotamia - Chronology

    Contributions to Civilization

    • Beer
      A look at the long association between humans and beer.
    • Calendars - Babylonian
      The months and structure of the calendar the Babylonians used.
    • Cuneiform Writing
      Basic information on this Mesopotamian type of writing.
    • Language, Writing, and Literature
      Resources on the languages of the region, learning them, and the literature produced.
    • Race To Be First - Writing
      Mesopotamia is only one of the possible locations for the first writing system.
    • Law - Legal Documents
      Resources on inscriptions and translated documents about law in the Near East and Middle East.
    • Math
      Information on the Babylonian system of counting.
    • Science, Math, and Technology
      Resources on Near and Middle Eastern contributions to science, plumbing, mathematics, and other technologies.
    • Stele
      Information on this type of monument.
    • Ziggurats
      Information on this type of stepped temple.

    Mesopotamia - Religion

    Principal ancient classical historians who wrote about the ancient Arabs:
    Herodotus: The Histories, c. 430 B.C.
    Strabo: Geography, c. A.D. 22
    Dio Cassius: History of Rome, c. A.D. 220
    Ammianus Marcellinus: The Roman History, c. A.D. 380
    Procopius of Caesarea: History of the Wars, c. A.D. 550
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