Anderson Name Meaning & Origin

Wes Anderson in front of Budapest Hotel
Wes Anderson, Filmmaker.

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Patronymic surname meaning "son of Andrew." Andrew (man, manly) was the first of Jesus' disciples and was a revered name in medieval times due to its church connections. St. Andrew is the patron saint of both Scotland and Russia.

Swedish patronymic "son" names traditionally end in -son, not -sen. In Denmark, the regular patronymic is -sen. In Norway, both are used, although -sen is more common. Icelandic names traditionally end in -son or -dotir.

Surname Origin

Swedish, Danish, Norwegian English

Alternate Surname Spellings


Famous Andersons

  • Pamela Anderson: Canadian-American model and actress
  • Mary Anderson: inventor of the windshield wiper
  • Willie Anderson: professional Scottish golfer
  • Joe Anderson: British actor
  • Wes Anderson: independent filmmaker
  • Hans Christian Anderson: Danish author

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