Andrew Zimmerman Jones

Andrew Zimmerman Jones.

Math and Physics Expert


M.S., Mathematics Education, Indiana University

B.A., Physics, Wabash College



Andrew Zimmerman Jones is a former writer for ThoughtCo who contributed nearly 200 articles for more than 10 years. His topics ranged from the definition of energy to vector mathematics. Andrew is a dedicated educator; and he uses his background in the physical sciences, educational assessment, writing, and communications to advance that mission. 

Andrew is co-author of String Theory For Dummies, which discusses the basic concepts of this controversial approach. String theory tries to explain certain phenomena that are not currently explainable under the standard quantum physics model. 

Since 2018, Andrew has worked at the Indiana Department of Education as a senior assessment specialist in mathematics; prior to which he served as a senior assessment editor at CTB/McGraw Hill for 10 years. In addition, Andrew was a researcher at Indiana University's Cyclotron Facility. He is a member of the National Association of Science Writers


Andrew Zimmerman Jones received an M.S. in Mathematics Education from Indiana University–Purdue and a B.A. in Physics from Wabash College.

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