How to Use Angel Candles for Prayer or Meditation

Using a Candle to Pray or Meditate When Contacting Angels

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Angel candles can be valuable prayer or meditation tools. Creative Eye 99/Getty Images

Candles have helped people pray and meditate since ancient times. Simply lighting a candle, for believers, can in itself be a powerful act of faith. The spiritual symbolism and energy of candles can help you in a variety of ways when you want to contact angels through prayer or meditation. Here's how you can use an angel candle:

Flames of Light

Just as light overcomes darkness, God can empower you to overcome challenges in any situation.

So the light from the fire of candle flames symbolizes God’s presence with you and your faith in God. Every time you light a candle, you’re expressing your faith in God.

Angels are beings of light and miraculous apparitions often involve light, because light represents life, love, wisdom, and hope. Spiritually, lit candles bear witness to those values.

Colors for Angel Light Rays

Different colors vibrate to different electromagnetic energy frequencies, which correspond to the different types of light ray colors within which angelic energy shows up on Earth. So you can choose a candle of a certain color to focus on the type of help you're asking for from angels, and to attract the energy of angels who specialize on that type of work.

An archangel supervises the angels who work within each light ray color, so you can ask the appropriate archangel by name to help with the topic about which you're praying or meditating.

Here's a list of candle colors to help you discern which would be best for you to use at different times:

* Blue candle: The blue light ray angels, led by Archangel Michael, answer payers about faith, courage, truth, empowerment, and protection from evil

* Yellow candle: The yellow light ray angels, led by Archangel Jophiel, answer payers about replacing what's negative with what's positive in life

* Pink candle: The pink light ray angels, led by Archangel Chamuel, answer payers about peace and love in relationships with others

* White candle: The white light ray angels, led by Archangel Gabriel, answer payers about purity and growing closer to God

* Green candle: The green light ray angels, led by Archangel Raphael, answer payers about healing and prosperity

* Red candle: The red light ray angels, led by Archangel Uriel, answer payers about how to make wise decisions

* Purple candle: The purple light ray angels, led by Archangel Zadkiel, answer payers about overcoming past mistakes and moving on to a better future

Scents and Oils

The various scents of candles all vibrate to different energy frequencies as well, just as the scents of flowers do, because of their essential oils. You can choose a type of candle fragrance that evokes a certain mood and helps you express your thoughts and feelings freely while you pray or meditate. You can also use candles to burn essential oils that naturally attract the energy of the kind of angels who can best answer the type of topic you're focusing on at a certain time.

Express Your Messages

You can express your intentions in a variety of different ways when using candles to communicate with angels.

The easiest way is simply to speak aloud whatever you have to say as you light a candle. Other creative ways to express yourself include writing a message on paper and burning it in a candle flame and carving a message onto a candle in the form of a symbolic word, phrase, or drawing.

Persevere with Hope

Candles also serve as reminders of the patience and perseverance you need to wait for God and his angels to answer you at the right times and in the right ways. Just as candle flames burn with steady intensity, continuing to overpower darkness with light, you can choose to remain hopeful, waiting with faith and expecting the best to happen in response to your prayers and meditations.

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