Angel Encounters - True Stories

People from all over the world have reported encounters with mysterious beings that appear bringing important messages or lending much-needed assistance, then vanishing without a trace. Could they be angels? Guardian angels? Read these stories and decide for yourself.

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After Show Angels

"The man stepped up to my window and asked me if I could give them a ride to their destination and without hesitating, I agreed to help them...."
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An Angel Helps

Girls are helped by a mysterious man with shoulder-length blond hair and crystal-blue eyes.
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Angel and the Swing

Michael was sitting on the swing his father set up when he felt a push from an unseen force.
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Angel Apparition

A young girl sees an angel in church that no one else can see.
:As I was about to head over, feeling like a complete fool and wishing I'd been less silly, a pick-up truck pulled in behind me...." More »
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Angel at the Accident

Kendall is aided by a red-haired angel after a bad auto accident.
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Angel Flew Interference

Did an angel keep a driver's windshield clear of snow?
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Angel Harmony

A recording of church music seems to have captured something extra.
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Angel Heals a Baby

"I walked over to the crucifix that my great-grandmother had brought with her from Ireland and prayed. I asked God to please send Jordan an angel and to heal him...."
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Angelic Advice

"She said, 'LISTEN...I can't show myself to you, because I don't want to scare you, but you need to pay attention to what I have to say.'..."
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Angel in the Back Seat

A nodding-off driver is shaked awake by unseen hands.
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Angel Money

A family finds mysterious money all over the place.
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Angel Nurse

Luke encounters an angel in nurse's clothing.
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The Angel of Joplin

"We went back outside in the 100 degree or more weather to get more stuff when a man in his middle 20s appeared. He was tall with dark brown hair...."
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Angel on the Scene

An angel comes to comfort Alisha when she is trapped in her car after an accident.
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Angel Playmate

Melanie's daughter says she plays with a man who had big fluffy wings.
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Angel to the Lonely

A being of light beckons an eight-year-old.
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Angel Twin's Visit

Melanie experiences a remarkable visit from her dead twin.
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Angel Saved Me from Freak Car Crash

"I was scared, but I remember seeing a weird figure walking to me like a minute before the crash...."
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The Angel's Delay

A customer, who mysteriously knows Sandra's name, may have saved her from an accident.
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Angel's Message

An angel informs Shaun that his mother is ill in Spain and needs medicine.
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Angel's Surgery Advice

An angel's advice may have saved Omar from tragedy in the operating room.
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Angelic Tire Service

A woman's lost faith is revived by a mysterious stranger who helps in a time of need.
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Angels in My Room

A woman coming out of a coma see angels in her room.
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Arms of an Angel

Another car accident, and Gary is comforted by a myterious being.
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Baby's Guardian Angel

Sharon's baby is mysteriously saved from a terrible accident on an escalator.
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Beautiful, Strange UFO... or Angel

Lewis says what it was, it was the most beautiful thing he ever saw.
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The Begger Angel

Do angels sometimes take the form of beggers and the homeless? Gary thinks so.
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Black-Eyed Man vs. Angel

Is there a battle going on we don't know about?
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Christmas Tree Angel

A family without a Christmas tree gets a Christmas Eve miracle.
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Comforting Angel

During a car accident, Karen recalls a mysterious stanger sitting next to her.
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Cradled by an Angel

Kelly is saved from a fall by unseen hands.

"I glanced to my right, just to see who was being a little rude, and all I saw were these huge arms that were crossed over this man's enormous chest...." More »
A nurse reports on visions at a patient's deathbed. More »
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Did We See Angels?

A little girl tells her mother she would like to see angels. Then... do they?
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Firebird Angel

"My sister ran straight in back of me, and right in front of me stood this "thing". It was about 3 meters tall and 1.5 meters wide...."
"Waves of pure malice being poured over me by an entity that had complete power over my body. But then one night, it all ended the same way it began...." More »
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Good Battles Evil

A five-year-old awakes to see an angel above her bed who sings to her.
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Grandfather's Angels

When Shae's grandfather dies, she sees a group of angels.
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Grandpa's My Angel

Lois believes her grandfather is still watching over her.
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Guardian Angel at the Steps

"I lifted my head up and looked at him. He was a middle-aged man dressed really sharp. He had on a nice black dress hat and a suit...."
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Guardian Angel of Light

"A golden ball the size of a softball floated through the window and stopped in front of my chest, hovering there...."
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Guardian Angel or Higher Power Watches Me

"Thinking I could make it across the street, I proceeded, got half way across... and I slipped and fell! Now the car was coming...."
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Guardian Angel Protector

Mitchel remembers a beautiful angel who helped him one night in bed.
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Guardian Angel Revealed

"Sheer terror coursed through me because I realized the person who was standing behind me at this point was not my mom...."
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Guardian Angel Staring Contest

"When I awoke, my eyes focused immediately on a small figure standing to the right of my bed. I remember not being scared for some reason, and the figure just stood there...."
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Guardian Angel Vision

"When I opened my eyes, I was looking directly at a figure standing at the foot of my bed...."
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Gunga Guardian

"After Gunga died, my mum overheard me having a conversation with him, but she doesn't remember what I said...."
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Hark, the Herald Angels Sing

On Christmas Eve, Mel hears an angelis choir singing.
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Healing Beings

"I stood up and there were two beings standing by the door dressed in absoutely white clothes that seemed to shine...."
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I Met My Guardian Angel

An angel tells Mildfed he knows everything about her.
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I Was a Christmas Angel

Pamela wonders if she was recruited to be an angel for a 74-year-old neighbor on this Christmas Eve.
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Jim and the Angel

"It was smiling and was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen...."
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Kissed by an Angel

Helen's depression is alleviated by a remarkable dream of the Archangel Michael.
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The Lady in White Saves Teen

"As she was going out her window, the lady in white appeared at the foot of my uncle's bed and woke him up...."
"I planted my feet more securely on either side of her, placed my arms under her more securely and said, 'Ok, here I go,' and I started to lift her. The thing was, I didn't lift her...." More »
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Message from an Angel

"Then, she began to talk about how she had spent most of the time during her surgery with an angel -- that this being was comforting her and had her surrounded in wings that completely enveloped her...."
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Metro Angel

A stranger helps an eight-year-old lost on mass transportation.
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Mother Duck Angel

"My mom walked out of the pawn shop a few minutes later followed by an older gentleman. I can't remember his exact features, but he was in his mid-60s with white hair and he was a little on the stout side...."
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My Angelic Delivery

Do angels even help with hardware? Pat thinks so.
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My Daughter's Angel

Virginia's daughter's life is in danger and she call for an angel's help.
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My Mother's Angel

An angel helps two women who are locked out of their car -- and who mysteriously knows their names.
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My Son's Angel

Angelic hands save a seven-year-old from a nearly tragic accident.
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Mysterious Fallen Angel

"Now, my son has never been one to make up stories, even when he was younger, so when he told me what he saw, I was quite unsettled...."
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My Wallet and the Angel

Dorie believes that God sent an angel to protect her wallet because of her prayer.
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Nana's Guardian Angel

Out of gas on the highway, a family encounters a mysterious figure in a white robe.
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Nanny Guardian Angel

"I would be grounded if I didn't catch the next bus! I wasn't familiar with the area, so stopped to ask this hippy looking woman where the bus stop was...."
A choking accident results in an out-of-body experience where Olivia meets a being she beleives to be her Guardian Angel. More »
Did a family of angels help with buying some food? More »
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The Phantom Rescuer

A serviceman, feeling threatened by a gang of thugs, is rescued by a mysterious stranger.
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Pinball Angels

A hitchhiker, out of money, is helped by two people dressed all in white.
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Pre-Birth Angel Talk

Gary remembers a time before he was born and speaking with an angelic entity.
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Pregnancy Angel

A couple wants a baby more than anything, and then are visited in the night by an angel who touches the woman's belly.
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Pushed by an Angel

A stranded driver gets assistance from a stranger who simply vanishes.
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Red Flannel Angel

A woman is saved from drowning by a mysterious blonde woman in red flannel.
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Saved by an Angel in a Pickup Truck

"My father said this truck just appeared out the blue with no sign that it had ever been driven. My father stated that in order for the truck to make that perfect 'T' position, it would have to have made several different maneuvers -- but it didn't...."
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Saved by a Christmas Angel

A family with a broken down car on Christmas Eve is helped by a mysterious, handsome stranger.
The honking of a horn from a phantom car may have saved Malinda's life. More »
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Saved By Man in Black

George and his kids might have had their lives saved by a figure that ran across the road, preventing them from an accident.

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Saved By Poppie

"Suddenly, she appeared to stop falling in mid-air and floated to the ground. At least 10 people witnessed this...."
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Saved by... Something

"You are safe now," said the message. From who? From what? Zach finds out.
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Saved By Uncle Jack's Ghost

"As we stood there, he floated toward us and told us to not go any further as there would be a landslide and rocks would be falling down on top of us if we decided to move a few meters down the way...."
Jermaine is rescued from a desperate attempt at suicide by an unknown force. More »
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Saved from Crushing by a Guardian Spirit

"One minute I was standing there reading, and the next I was being whisked through the air to my right, and the gravestone came crashing down to the ground!..."
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Saved from Hell

Boris is saved in a vivid dream of a dark, Hell-like place by a being of light.
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Saw Two Angels

A five-year-old sees two angels casually floating by.
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Shadows and Angels

A neighbor tells Greg she saw tall angels standing in a circle around his house.
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The Silent Guardian

"He appears in many hours of the day. I have seen him in the middle of the day, as well as one in the morning. He appears for a brief moment, then disappears and doesn't interact...."
"It was when she started to walk off from the spot where she had been waiting that she noticed a man standing a few metres in front of her, his figure encompassed by shadows...." More »
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Angel Warning?

Tony wonders if his life would be different if he had heeded an angel's call.
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Unwanted Angel

A mysterious letter from a church results in an extraordinary experience.
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Winter Storm Angel

A stranger helps David with a much-needed can or gas... but then vanishes.