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Angel Perpetiel
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No Job, No Car and Sleeping on My Parents' Couch

Reader Question: I was laid off from my job about two months ago. I am 30 years old, I am stuck. I am sleeping on my parents' couch, have no car, kind of down because my mom drinks all the time and it wears on my soul. My girlfriend moved an hour away and it has been hard on both of us. But, for some reason, we keep sticking together and my prayers get answered. I want to marry her some day and miss her terribly. It hurts when I am here because of all the negative energy. I have no other place to go because of my lack of transportation. I am having faith that God will make this happen. It is just hard on me. please help..

Response from Eileen - Dear Chris, According to the angels, every challenge we face is an opportunity to see how we have had responsibility in creating it, and how we may be perpetuating the challenge through current actions or in-actions. Your angels would like you to examine that and take the steps needed to emerge from the place you find yourself now. Sometimes one of the most evolved things we can do for ourselves is come to the realization that we cannot change the negative influences from others or a situation and distance ourselves from it. As my angel Alonya always says "Love and bless them from a distance." My heart is always open to those I have had to do that with, but if our lives are to intersect again, they would have to make positive changes so that I am not submerged in their revolving negativity. Tough angelic advice for tough times. The archangel coming through for you is an angel named Perpetiel.

I have made your question part of the series of angels I am writing about for this column. I am educating people on who they are and what they do and most importantly how we can work with them. Not many people have heard of Perpetiel. He is the angel of success and forward movement in our lives.

Perpetiel appeared to me with the time image and energy of someone who could be CEO of a company.

He is strong looking, angular of face, blondish hair and intense, penetrating eyes so light a blue they almost look clear. He tells me some people who have seen him over the ages have mistaken him for the mighty Archangel Michael who has a similar appearance and energy of strength. Perpetiel definitely has a commanding presence. If he comes into your life to be of service you can bet he will help you get the job done. Perpetiel tells me he needs your partnership though - he cannot do all of the work. He can only suggest and gently guide. It is up to us to take initiative and make the right choices. He says how he helps is the epitome of the old saying "God helps those who helps themselves."

Are my readers still unsure if angels really can help us with the day in and day out of our lives? Let me give you a recent example of how real they are and how fully present and ready to help. My husband has a favorite basketball player who seems to be a warm, friendly and all around nice guy. He recently was traded to another team and was not playing very well. After a few bad games he seemed to be visibly losing confidence in himself. Anyone who knows sports knows that the mental game is just as important as the physical.

When an athlete or a team slides into this negative place it can be hard to get out of it. So my husband asked me what angel he could call on for his player, and I told him: Archangel Perpetiel! Perpetiel would be the angel to assist his player in boosting his mood and confidence so he could get over his slump. The night after we both prayed to Perpetiel to intercede on his behalf the player had a great night on court. That game boosted his confidence and he has been playing well ever since. Do I think Perpetiel had anything to do with it? Absolutely! With all that I know and have experienced working with the higher realms it is beyond a doubt that this angel heard us and helped lift this man's spirit. It was not about one team winning over another as angels don't pick and choose like that as we are all beloved and worthy in their eyes.

This was lifting someone out of a depression so they could get a foothold back up.

We Are Not Here to Suffer

The important thing is that, despite what many religions may teach, we are not here to suffer. We are here to love and assist others who may have forgotten how to love and to enjoy the beauty and blessings of life on this planet that the creator has given us. It is also important to remember all of the blessings we already have in our lives as gratitude opens us open for positive changes and more abundance. Try to focus on what is positive in your life and take steps, however small, to move into the direction you want to go in.

The angels want you, Chris, and everyone else to call upon them to help you get to that place. Whether that means making a basket in a basketball game or opening doors to a better life so that you can in turn give blessings to to others, that is what they are there to help us with.

What Should I Be Focusing On to Attain My Highest and Best Life?

Reader Question: I am writing to you hopefully for some direction. I, like many, have been praying, hoping, searching and trying to find my soul purpose for years now. I try to connect as much as I can moment to moment for the answers that I seek. I feel that there are messengers waiting for me, yet, I am unable to access the information they have. So my question would be this: What should I be focusing on to attain my highest and best life? I have had many life altering changes in the last two years and now that the dust has settled, I am trying every way I know of to find my purpose, my calling, in life and in employment. I am very unhappily employed and seem to move only laterally, never fulfilling what I think my soul is trying to remind me. But I just don't know what that is! Any help or direction would most greatly be appreciated in this search! I am on the verge of giving up. Many, many thanks and blessings. Namaste.

Response from Eileen: I have received so many questions on this this topic that I thought to answer all of you in Jennifer's question.

Some of you are simply looking to get up in the morning with a smile. Others are looking for a Lightworker's calling. The angels tell me that our creator gave each and every one of us the skills and interests that will not only provide food and shelter but also hours of happiness. Every. One. Of. Us.

Why aren't we in touch with these skills and interests? The angels say we forget who we are through years of family programming, peer pressure, and the way our society teaches us throughout our schooling. We don't think we are good enough or we leave behind those things that make us happy to do what is expected of us. So, it is for us to remember and to think of what those things are. One clue is to ask yourself the following question: if I could do something that I'd be happy to get out of bed to do every morning what would that be? What are your hobbies? What fascinates you? What do you look forward to? So many people mistakenly think that celebrity, fame or wealth will give them those hours of happiness. In truth, it doesn't. I have met celebrities that are deeply unhappy even though they have all the things society teaches us to want.

When our Creator touched your soul before you were born, you were blessed with the answer to your life purpose as well as what you would enjoy outside of work. The angels would like to remind so many of us that sometimes the reality on Earth is that we are to work a job that provides for us. It is when we are outside of work that we are to fill those hours with the things we enjoy and the "day job" won't seem so limiting. Healing and teaching, for those called to those pursuits, can still be done while you are employed elsewhere. Focusing on what you have and channeling your focus to things that make you happy can turn everything around - even if you have a "mundane" job.

Sometimes God has us in places while we make other plans. The angels say you may have been put into a specific job to bring light to that building and the people in it. You could be doing important healing work there and not even recognize it.

So the angels have given you all some homework to do. Ponder the questions they asked you above and know that the answers are inside you.

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