Angel Rescue at a Car Accident

After a devastating car accident, Shanley gets extraordinary help from a stranger who she believes was her guardian angel

In 2007 on Interstate 40 in Arkansas, right past the Levi exit, my family and I were involved in a seven-car pile up, plus an 18-wheeler. My sister was driving with me in the passenger seat, mom directly behind me, and my little brother beside her.

While we were crashing I kept screaming, "JESUS!" over and over.

We ended up on the left side against the retaining wall. None of us were trying to get out; we were frozen with fear. Then two men started beating on the doors, screaming for us to get out. One was a giant bodybuilder-looking guy. He grabbed my brother over his shoulder and got my hand. I swear I never felt my feet touch the ground as he ran us to safety. The other man helped my mom and sister.

Just as soon as we were out of harm's way, a truck crashed right into the side that mom and I were sitting on. I have no doubt we would have all been dead if we hadn't got out when we did.

The man that helped me gave me his jacket (it reached past my knees) and asked me if I was okay. I told him yes and he turned and started walking back toward the exit. I put my head down on my knees for maybe two seconds, and when I looked up he wasn't there. There were no cars he could have got in... he just disappeared.

About two weeks later I was looking for his jacket and it had disappeared, too, from inside my mom's closet. No one knew what happened to it. It was like there was no trace of him. I firmly believe to this day he was my guardian angel, and I thank God for sending him when he did.

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