Angela Bradley

Angela is a web designer, programmer, and owner of She has been creating websites for over 15 years and continues to expand her programing knowledge through projects for herself and her clients. Angela develops iPod/Pad/Phone apps for special needs children and classrooms.


Angela started working professionally as a web designer in 1997 as the Website Coordinator for her university's union. In 1999 she moved on to running web operations for a small industry magazine, and in 2001 started her own company "DivaSites" (now called GoatellaHosting) where she provides web design, domain names, and web hosting to small businesses and individuals.


Angela has been continuously learning about the web and web programing for over a decade through books, online guides, and practical experience. She is also a graduate of Eastern Oregon University where she studied history through online enrollment.

Angela Bradley

A lot has changed on the web since I first started making websites, but I still find creating web pages to be exciting and challenging. The Internet is becoming a bigger part of everyone's life and languages like PHP are helping to make it more dynamic and interactive than ever before.

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