Angela Bradley

Angela Bradley.


  • More than 15 years of experience as freelance web designer, developer, and programmer
  • Specializes in designing and developing iOS software
  • Designs applications for Goatella, a Helsinki-based company that makes educational apps for iOS and Android
  • Develops apps for special-needs children and classrooms


Angela Bradley is a former writer for ThoughtCo who contributed articles about website development and programming languages — primarily PHP tutorials — for 11 years. Angela has been creating online media since 1995; and creating iOS applications since 2011. She is an expert in iOS software design and development, and specializes in building technical hybrid platforms.

As a freelancer, Angela provides web design, domain names, and web hosting for small businesses and individuals. Since 2011, she has worked as an iOS software designer for Goatella, a company that creates mobile applications for use in regular and special needs classrooms.


Angela Bradley received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree from Eastern Oregon University.

ThoughtCo and Dotdash

ThoughtCo is a premier reference site focusing on expert-created education content. We are one of the top-10 information sites in the world as rated by comScore, a leading Internet measurement company. Every month, more than 13 million readers seek answers to their questions on ThoughtCo.

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