Two Angels Protected Me from Creature in the Woods

One snowy night, Sharilyn is stalked by an unknown creature when she is flanked by two guardian angels

When I was 12 years old, I saw my first angels. In November we had light snowfall in the country. I had been at a school function and was dropped off at the main road, which was only 5/8ths of a mile from my home. The night was one of those wonderful moonlit nights and I felt calm and glad to have such a beautiful walk.

Although some people had cabins near us, no one lived year round along the road but my family. There was a curve in the road along which trees were so thick and tall that even in summer it lay in shade. Because it was dark, it was the only part that I disliked.

As I neared the dark curve in the road, I heard the loud crashing of a huge animal pounding its way toward me. Remembering that safety from attack lay in utter stillness, I stopped walking. Whatever it was it, too, stopped. Motionless, we both waited. I began to pray to God to save me from the horror of being ripped apart alive.

I must have prayed for several minutes when I became aware of identical male angels hovering on either side of me about shoulder height. They were a bit smaller than life-size, or rather were more my size yet they were definitely adults with short brown hair, large white wings and long white robes.

After 10 minutes or so I was becoming chilled and the soft snow that was gently falling was beginning to pile up on my shoulders.

I knew I soon had to continue on home. Finally, I could stand still no longer and told God I had to walk on now. At that exact moment a loud crashing announced that animal had crossed over the road and was heading into the woods away from me.

To my surprise, behind me coming over the hill was Dr. McClure and his two sons.

They had just left their car at the main road and were making one of their rare winter visits to their cabin. I stood still from immense relief realizing the animal must have heard them and that was why it ran away.

Dr. McClure was surprised to find me just standing in the road covered in snow. He expressed his concern and mild annoyance at my stupidity to allow myself to become so chilled. I told him why and what I had heard, but he didn't believe me... until we entered the curve on the road. His flashlight shone on the unmistakable proof of large animal tracks. We were all amazed. He never accepted that I was in danger, but I felt it so strong and know I was.

Those two angels accompanied me home until I entered the house. I didn't see another angel until I was 23. After an incredibly difficult year in my life, my year old son, Jason, died. The two male angels appeared the day before Jason died and stayed there by my side for several weeks. The emotional blow of his two-day coma and his subsequent death was the last straw for my constitution and I could feel my life force evaporating from me slowly, like steam out of a kettle.

Over the next six weeks I saw many beings, angelic and otherwise.

That's another story.

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