The Angular, Succedent and Cadent Houses - Astrology Charts

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The astrological Houses can be seen then as angular, succedent or cadent.

And they sync with the qualities known as cardinal, fixed and mutable in how they're interpreted.

The Four Quadrants

The astrology chart has four quadrants, each with three Houses in it.  Each quadrant begins on the chart's angle, and these Houses are known as angular.  You might know the angles as the Ascendent, Descendent, Midheaven and IC (on the Fourth House cusp).


Keep in mind that what's known as the Natural Houses (beginning with Aries) gives you an idea of how the angles pack a punch, similar to the way cardinal signs begin the set of three, as in Aries, Taurus and Gemini. 

Like so much from traditional astrology, this way of categorizing the Houses came from the Greeks.  It makes sense, but only of course, if you have a sure-thing birth time, so the Houses are accurate.

A simple way of seeing this, is that the highlighted and active Houses are the angular ones.  The succedent Houses are rooms for stabilizing and bringing things to full fruition.  The cadent Houses are rooms for change, and mixing it up. 

And for another take, here's Dane Rudhyar from his The Astrological Houses:  "Andular houses:  to be.  Succedent houses: to use.  Cadent houses: to understand or transform.  

The Angular Houses

One of the first things I'll look at when reviewing a chart is the angles, beginning with the Rising Sign or Ascendent.

  The angular Houses are the 1, 4, 7 and 10th Houses. 

"The angles are the primary doors in our chart that open to the outside world," says Kevin Burk in his book Understanding the Birth Chart.  

He goes on to say that the Ascendant (First House Cusp) is the front door to the world, and the Descendent is the back door to let in people you're already acquainted with.

  Burk says that the Midheaven (Tenth House Cusp) is the door to the roof, for public visibility, and finally, the Imum Coeli (or IC) (Fourth House Cusp) is the "most hidden, secret door, the private Entrance used only by close friends and family." 

The First House syncs with Aries and is where we burst on the scene, take charge and assert divine will.   

The Fourth House relates to the themes of Cancer, like home and emotional memory, and the way we retreat into a private refuge.

The Seventh House is Libra's natural House, to do with meaningful relationships, exchanges, and the give and take in partnership. 

The Tenth House aligns with Capricorn, and corresponds to life's work, public image and legacy.

The Succedent Houses

These Houses show the mansions where there's stability, follow-through and focus.  They are Houses 2, 5, 8 and 11.   

They sync with the fixed signs' quality of rooting in, to be able to fully materialize, prosper, bring to completion. 

The Second House relates to Taurus, and seeks to thrive, enjoy life and make the most of natural talents.

The Fifth House of Leo is the stage with the bright spotlight, for showing off personal creations, from art to children.

The Eighth House syncs with Scorpio and deals with energetic, sexual and soul merging, dark mysteries and releasing hidden reserves.

The Eleventh House of Aquarius is the social platform where alliances are made or broken, and visions for a brighter future are the stabilizing force. 

The Cadent Houses

These Houses are in flux, and are to do with dissipating energy, like mutable signs. 

That's why they're considered less coherent, and perhaps harder to push forth in a powerful way.  The cadent Houses are 3, 6, 9 and 12. 

You could say these houses are experimental, and where the only constant is change. 

The Third House of Gemini relates to learning, translating and sampling variety as the spice of life.

The Sixth House relates to Virgo, self-improvement, the daily grind and health. 

The Ninth House syncs with exploring the wider world and developing an inspired philosophy.

The Twelfth House corresponds to Pisces, and is the mansion of mystery, the divine connection and the imagination.