A Touch of Royalty: 10 Animated Princess Movies

Perfect to Enchant Parties and Sleep Overs

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Most little girls go through at least one princess-loving phase and many hold onto their preferences for all things princess well into adulthood. Thankfully, a good princess story is fun for the whole family, and thanks to Disney, princess movies aren't hard to come by.

Perfect for sleepovers and parties, or just a fun family movie night, here are some animated Disney movies fit for a princess.

Starring Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, Disney's smash hit "Frozen" took America by storm — and the breakout song "Let It Go" may never get out of mom's heads. The attention it got was well worth it, though, as this movie features two Disney princesses, Elsa and Anna of Arendelle, sisters who must overcome a curse on the elder. 

With catchy tunes and an all-star cast of characters including a snowman who's not afraid of summer, this is sure to be an instant family favorite. Just don't say I didn't warn you about that main song — it's sticking around. 

A princess like none you've ever known before, Merida is a Scottish lass who is determined to forge her own destiny.

"Brave," tells the exciting story of Merida's bold decision, the mystical unintended consequences and what she learned as she works to set things right. Merida is a good princess role model because she's not smitten with some prince. Instead, she believes in making her own destiny and fighting her own battles. 

The movie is also somewhat educational, as it's set in medieval Scotland. Animated movies set in real-world locations can spark kids interest in other countries and cultures. And if you're hosting a Brave, there's a lot of fun to be had while still inspiring your kids to be their own strong prince and princesses.

Told through artistic animation and lively characters, "Tangled" is the story of Rapunzel. Disney's 50th animated movie had to be a princess movie (it just had to), but this royal film is appealing to both boys and girls of all ages.

"Tangled" does Disney justice, and it pays tribute to all 49 films before it while it also maintaining a fun and updated feeling. The Blu-ray version of the movie contains deleted scenes, original storybook opening and more.

Hop into an exciting twist on a classic fairy tale in Disney's "The Princess and the Frog."

The movie follows a hardworking and kind young woman named Tiana, who is minding her own business trying to make her dreams come true when a froggy kiss turns her world upside down. A family adventure full of magic and wonder, "The Princess and the Frog" tells a flavorful story with a great message about hard work and remembering to value what is most important: one another. 

With super-catchy tunes, a classicly-Disney all-star cast of fun characters and a rich New Orleans setting, this film is sure to entertain again and again. 

"Beauty and the Beast" is a classic storybook tale and this movie quickly became a classic in its own right. So much so that Disney has recently released a new live-action adaptation of the classic treasure starring Emma Watson as Belle. 

A feature of the Disney portfolio, the original animated story follows the adventures of Belle, the daughter of an eccentric inventor, as she agrees to stay in the Beast's castle. Love prevails and a spell is broken, revealing the Beast for the prince he really is.

And yet, for as memorable as the title characters are, the true stars in the animated movie are the castle's other residents. Song and dance tunes prevail when Cogsworth (the clock), Mrs. Potts and Chip (the teapot and teacup) and the unforgettable Lumiere (the candelabra) come to life.

Step into a magical world of genies, magic carpets and the stunningly sweet Princess Jasmin who many little girls look up to even to this day. "Aladdin" is a modern classic and one of the most memorable ​princess movies Disney has made to date.

The movie is fun and filled with laughs as Aladdin and his clever genie (voiced by Robin Williams) scheme to win the princess' heart. Yet, as we all know, there needs to be a villain and Jafar is always on the scene to foil Aladdin's plans.

Your family will also love the soundtrack for "Aladdin" with unforgettable sing-along songs like "Arabian Nights" and "Friend Like Me." This really is a movie that every family should own — even your action-loving boys will love it!

A different setting for a princess, "The Little Mermaid" introduced millions of young girls to the possibility of being an underwater princess. Of course, the fins make it hard to walk in an Ariel costume, but a girl can dream, right?

The movie is another masterpiece from Disney's twilight years and quickly became an animated classic. Filled with a brilliant soundtrack and loveable characters like Flounder and Sebastian the lobster as well as the villainous sea witch Ursula, it's a movie with something for everyone in the family. 

In true princess fashion, there's also a love story and Prince Eric is the handsome subject of this tale.

"Cinderella" was Disney's first venture into princess stories and it's hard to believe that this movie was created in 1950. It remains a fascination for young and old alike. A timeless story that every little girl will love, it belongs in every family's home.

Elegant and fun, the story follows a young woman named Cinderella who is left in the care of a wicked stepmother. Her life is spent serving her stepmother and two evil step-sisters until one day she gets a visit from a magical fairy godmother who grants her wish to attend the ball and meet Prince Charming.

The movie is fun and has delightful characters like Fairy Godmother and Jaq and Gus, Cinderella's two friends who just happen to be mice. If you're looking for the true princess story few can beat first, "Cinderella."

The Grimm fairy tale of "Sleeping Beauty" comes to life — through slightly more PG — in another of Disney's classics from the 1950s. This timeless animation is sweet and enduring and is sure to pique the interest of your little princess.

The story tells how the scorned fairy, Maleficent, seeks revenge by putting Princess Aurora to sleep. The only thing that can wake her is a kiss from her true love. From Prince Phillip to the three good fairies, this film is filled with lovable characters — I just want to give the rolly polly King Henry a big hug!

"Sleeping Beauty" may not be one of Disney's most memorable films, but on the princess and true love's power front, few others can beat the story.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" It's a classic line from a classic fairy tale with one of the scariest villains ever created: the Queen.

The storyline of "Snow White" is fabulous: the jealous queen places a curse, the beautiful princess falls asleep, the handsome prince comes to the rescue. You know how it goes, but the best part of this film is the seven dwarfs. If your family is not singing "Whistle While You Work" for days after watching it, it's time to see it again.

If this princess story seems fair enough to purchase, the Blu-ray Diamond Edition is one of the coolest releases ever to hit store shelves with tons of behind the scenes bonus features the whole family will enjoy.

An animated adventure full of excitement, danger, and romance, "Anastasia" tells the story of the lost Russian Princess Anastasia and her journey to find her true identity. Although not a Disney movie, this film's inclusion of a whole soundtrack of original songs (a la Disney) and zany talking characters like Batty, "Anastasia" ranks right up there with Disney's greatest princess movies.

Loosely based on real-life events that led to the overthrow of the Russian monarchy, the movie follows the title character Anastasia — known in her young adulthood as Anya — as she attempts to find answers about her family she lost as a young girl with the help of two swindlers Dimitri and Vladamir who hope to pass her off as the lost Russian princess.

Anya comes to find out she is actually the youngest daughter of the royal family, the Romanovs, but she barely escaped with her life during a siege, thanks to the help of Dimitri as a young boy. The only member of her family who was known to survive was her grandmother, who moved to Paris, who the men take her to meet. 

This film by Twentieth Century Fox rivals any of Disney's and the historical aspect to the story will fascinate your young princess — even though it's not quite historically accurate. It may just be a perfect choice for the little girl who's seen all the other princess movies!