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Anna Devane & Duke Lavery
Anna and Duke (Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan). ABC, Inc.

Nothing is ever easy when you're dealing with soap opera love, but Anna Devane and Duke Lavery (Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan) had a worse time than many.

The Dance

This popular supercouple goes back to 1986, when they met at the Policeman's Ball. They danced together. There was an instant attraction.

Before they progressed much further, Anna cut off the relationship when she discovered that Angel Moran, a mobster, was one of Duke's good friends.


Duke joined the Waterfront Redevelopment Committee, where he ran into Anna again.This time, any attraction they had was expressed in anger as they argued over work on the Port Charles harbor. Later, the two kissed. Like it or not, Anna fell for this handsome Scotsman.

Duke maneuvered himself into the dock workers committee, as President. Duke and Anna saw more of one another, and he met her daughter Robin, who liked him.  

Secret Life

Anna's new boyfriend was a man of secrets, but when she investigated him, nothing turned up. She didn't know it, but like Sonny Corinthos, he was married to the mob. Unlike Sonny, he wanted to get out of it. 

Duke became concerned for Anna's and Robin's safety and broke up with her, but it did not stick.They were very much in love. But Duke was mixed up in something called Operation Tumble Dry, a money laundering operation, and he was being pressured to set it up.

His boss' henchman came to Port Charles and ordered Duke to kill Frisco Jones, who was a police officer by then. Duke could not do it, so Felicia was framed for a robbery instead.  Frisco and Felicia had to leave town. They did have the details -- in writing -- about Operation Tumble Dry, and it went with them.


Anna was upset about her friends disappearing, and she worried that her boyfriend was somehow involved. Meanwhile, Duke was ordered to marry Anna. Since she was the police chief, it seemed like a perfect match.

The Proposal

Duke proposed, and Anna accepted.

Anna's colleague, Burt Ramsey, was actually giving the orders. His boss was one Angus McKay. Later on, Angus was revealed to be Duke's father.

Robert Scorpio came back to town at Robin's request when she heard her mother being threatened. He told Anna that her fiancee was in the mob up to his forehead, and she should break the engagement.

Duke may have been ordered to propose, but in truth, he wanted to marry Anna, if only he could extricate himself from the mob!  Angus promised him that he would be out soon and able to marry her. Then Anna's house blew up.  

Eventually the McKay organization broke down, at least for a time, and arrests were made. Duke was a given a light sentence. In prison with him was Angus and a man named Jonathan, a cousin of the Jerome family. The Jeromes had recently set themselves up in Port Charles to go against Angus' organization.

After Duke was released, he and Anna married.

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Of course, nature abhors a vacuum, so soon Port Charles was populated by another family, the Carters.

Duke agreed to testify against these two powerful families.

He worried about the danger that this would bring to his wife and his stepdaughter Robin. Anna promised that no matter what, she would stay with him, and, if necessary, leave her daughter with her father, Robert. Robin, however, insisted on staying with her mom and stepfather.


After the trial, Duke and the agents guarding him walked into an ambush.The warehouse where they were to wait for Anna and Robin exploded.

The agents anticipated this, and now that mother and daughter believed Duke to be dead, they wanted him to continue with the charade. Anna never accepted her husband's death.

Anna Devane Meets Jonathan Paget

Eventually, Duke had not only plastic surgery but vocal surgery and returned to Port Charles as art dealer Jonathan Paget (played by actor Greg Beecroft).

When Anna learned the truth, the couple reunited, but Duke was brought down by an enemy who learned Paget's true identity.

He died in Anna's arms. Anna and Robert scattered his ashes in his beloved Scotland.

More Dukes

That wasn't the end of the story. Years later, Robin was allegedly killed in an explosion. Instead, she was kidnapped and placed in a clinic in Switzerland.

The fake death and kidnapping seem to have been arranged and manipulated by Faison, the old enemy of Robert, Anna, and Duke! So Jonathan Paget, it appears, was really a man named Jonathan Paget.

While at the clinic, Robin saw Duke, who looked to her as if he was another prisoner at the clinic.Eventually he returned to Port Charles and revealed himself to Anna, telling her that he had been in a Turkish prison

Except it wasn't Duke, it was Faison in a latex mask!  No wonder she could not quite warm up to him.

Anna finally came face to face with the real Duke. They were together again and happy. But with Anna now the police commissioner, she was disturbed when Duke became involved in mob action again. It was one argument after another, one reconciliation after another.

Duke made promises to her that were not kept. He took over Sonny's organization while his old boss attempted to gain custody of his baby daughter.

Finally, Duke asked Anna to go away with him, and she was ready to do it, but he was shot and killed by Carlos Rivera. But killed in Port Charles doesn't mean killed. Now she has discovered he had a son, Griffin Munro, who is new in town and working at General Hospital.

It looks like this couple will be apart for some time, perhaps forever. But there will always be love there. Love like Anna's and Duke's doesn't really go away.