The 9 Most Annoying People You Meet on Your Commute

We just hope you aren't one of them.

If you are one of the billions of Americans who ride public transportation to and from work, this list should look really familiar. Commuting in a major city is annoying enough, right? These nine people find a way to make it suck even more.

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The Sleeper

sleeping on commute
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We get it. You're tired. We're all tired. But that doesn't give you permission to pass out on someone else's shoulder... and start snoring... with your mouth wide open. Maybe you should look into these 10 tips for a better night's sleep. Or bring yourself a travel pillow and hand out ear plugs to the rest of us.

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The Manspreader

man laying down on subway
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Thankfully, we now have a name for your wide leg, v-shaped slouching. You put it all out there, can't seem to make your knees touch, and think occupying more than one seat is no big deal. It's about time to learn proper subway etiquette and work on those core muscles so you can sit with better posture. Or else, these ladies might just come sit on you.

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The Phone Zombie

phone on train
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We're not sure you actually have a face or neck because your head is always down. It's cool to multitask on the train or read the latest bestseller on your smartphone or tablet, but take a moment to look up every now and then. Make eye contact with another human, and see the world outside your screen. It might just prevent some major health issues, too.

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The Loudmouth

man talking on phone on commute
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Unlike the zombies, you come to life on the phone. Because of course you get a phone call on the bus or train. Of course you have the world's loudest ringtone. (Haven't you ever heard of the vibrate option?) And of course you have to answer it and let the rest of us hear what should be a really personal and private conversation. Oh, and if you're one of those texters with the loud keyboard clicking, you're equally obnoxious.

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The Beauty Queen

makeup on commute
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Others might find you annoying, but we are actually in awe of you. We can barely manage to apply mascara in the morning without getting a giant black clump on our nose. But not you! You can complete your whole beauty routine (including eyeliner and lipliner!) on the bumpiest roads and tracks, with the world's tiniest compact mirrors, and without poking your eye out. But brush your hair and file your nails at home, would you?

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The Jetsetter

woman with luggage
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Whether it's for business or vacation travel, if you've ever had to commute with a ton of luggage during the rush, you already know you win the award for most annoying person of the day. But hey, we've all been there. Just find a spot out of the way and try to be quick getting on and off. And remember, the rest of us are probably more jealous of the beach vacation we assume you're taking, than irritated by your bulky bags.

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The Pickup Artist

train flirt
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We're onto you. You basically treat every oncoming passenger like a profile on Tinder. And you'll pretty much swipe right to anything that crosses your path. Sure you could meet the love of your life this way, but most people don't want to be hit on first thing in the morning or after a long day. Cool your jets, or all you'll hear are big, fat rejections.

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The Tourist

New York City Tourists
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You walk way too slow and have no idea where you're going. So we really need you to pick up the pace and learn how to use a map. Although if you look pathetic enough and we're feeling generous that day, we might just take pity on you and help you out. If only to get you moving faster!

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The Boombox

commuter with headphones
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You must be Kanye West's biggest fan and want the world to know it. Because the whole bus can hear his music blasting through your headphones. Seriously, you aren't the DJ for everyone. Unless you're totally unaware of the volume and think you're rocking out to any of these guilty pleasures in secret. In that case, we thank you for making our commute so much more entertaining.