Anthony Carew

Anthony Carew is a writer, film critic, radio-presenter, and music journalist from Melbourne, Australia. Since 1996, he has published an exhaustive body of rock criticism.


For well beyond a decade, Mr. Carew's wordy work has graced an impressive array of publications, both on-line and in-print. From Rolling Stone and The Age, to In that time, he's spoken to thousands upon thousands of alternative, independent, idiosyncratic, and odd musicians, from the incredibly famous to the instantly obscure. Anthony has also presented the radioshow The International Pop Underground, on Melbourne's iconic RRR FM, since 2000. He spends all day every day listening to music, from embracing old favorites to endlessly searching out the new.

Anthony Carew

Every time I leave my house I'm asked these questions: Have you heard _______? What do you think of ________? Do you have the new _____ _________ album? For whatever reason (I'm guessing it's my sprawling record collection) people come to me for answers. And, discussing the music that I love, and, for that matter, the music that I don't, makes perfect sense. Music is a communal experience; in the making of it, the playing of it, the hearing of it. Let us share in its joys.

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