Anthony Rasmussen

Anthony Rasmussen Beatles Expert
Anthony Rasmussen

The Beatles have been a life-long passion and interest for Anthony. From they day the band first exploded onto the world stage in 1964 to today, Anthony has been intrigued and interested in each and every turn their careers have taken, both as a group and as solo artists.

His first exposure to Beatle music was via the radio, watching the band on TV, and through raiding his older sister's record collection. The first LP Anthony owned was Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and from there he's been steadily acquiring every release related to The Beatles to have in his own collection. Vinyl records in a variety of pressing from around the world, CDs, books and magazines. No more sharing with big sister! 

A secondary but closely related interest is the Beatles' record label, Apple. Not only was it a vehicle to release their own albums and singles, but one where the band signed up a numerous and diverse range of other performers. From rockers Badfinger and soul keyboardist Billy Preston, through to Indian sitar giant Ravi Shankar and classical composer John Tavener, Apple is another example of the Beatles breaking new ground. Despite a rough patch in the late 1970s and 80s, Apple Records still exists. Today it is the company charged with re-issuing the label's back-catalogue, the Beatles included, and so it remains an important part of the jig-saw puzzle that is the history of The Beatles.  


Anthony owns a comprehensive collection of vinyl records, compact discs, books and magazines about The Beatles. He is the founder of, a website dedicated to Beatle collectors the world over.


 Anthony has a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in English and History.

Anthony Rasmussen

My very first memory of The Beatles is as a school student in the elementary school playground with a bunch of buddies, singing their songs at the top of our voices while playing "air" guitars and pretending that we actually were John, Paul, George or Ringo. This was back when Beatlemania was just taking off around the world. First memories are usually fond ones, but why has that early love of The Beatles persisted so strongly, not only with me but now with generations of fans and admirers? Surely it's more than just simple nostalgia for times gone by? I think it revolves around the fact The Beatles genuinely are the greatest musical band of all time, one that had vast amounts of talent and creativity. They pushed the boundary of what popular music could be and left behind a vast catalogue of finely crafted works of art which stand the test of time. Come along for the ride as we explore the phenomenon that is The Beatles.        

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