A Step-By-Step Conjugation of 'Applaudir' (to Applaud, Clap)

Simple Conjugations for the French Verb 'Applaudir'

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The French word applaudir means to applaud or to clap. Applaudir is a regular verb, meaning it's one of those words that's relatively easy to conjugate. 

How to Conjugate the French Verb Applaudir

To conjugate a regular verb, start with the stem and add the ending appropriate of the type of verb you're conjugating and the subject pronoun you're using—the person or thing doing the action. Applaudir is a regular -ir verb, so the stem is applaud- and the endings are those of regular infinitives ending in -ir.

This chart will help you figure out how conjugate applaudir.

 Present Future Imperfect

The present participle of applaudir is applaudissant. The present participle is less common in French than its English equivalent -ing. You may use the present participle as an adjective, gerund, noun or verb.

For example:

Applaudissant, nous avons commencé departer le théâtre.
Applauding, we began to leave the theater.

Other Simple Conjugations of Applaudir

 Subjunctive Conditional Passé simple Imperfect subjunctive
(nous) applaudissons 

How to Form the Past Tense of Applaudir

You can use the imperfect tense to talk about something in the past (j'applaudissais / I was clapping) but you're more likely to use the passé composé, which is a compound tense. Applaudir uses the auxiliary verb avoir, and the past participle is applaudi.

For example:

J'ai applaudi.
I applauded.

Nous avons applaudi.
We applauded.