Apres-Ski Attire

What to Wear for Apres-Ski

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For some skiers, the apres-ski scene is just as important as their time on the slopes! Apres-ski attire is important to the apres-ski experience, and the right clothes can make - or break - your night. Here's more information on apres-attire, including apres-ski clothing and apres-ski boots.

Apres-Ski Clothing

Some skiers choose to stop at the apres-ski scene right after their last run, still wearing their ski clothes.

However, spending the night in insulating layers, snow pants, and worst of all - ski boots - might not make for the most comfortable experience. Consider donning what you might wear for an ordinary night out, but keep in mind the cold weather. After all, because you're at a ski resort, you have the excuse to incorporate a few "alpine" pieces (such as what's already in your ski wardrobe) which you might not be able to get away with at home.

Here is a selection of skiing clothes you can wear on and off the slopes. These accessories will add the finishing touch to your outfit.


Apres-Ski Boots

Don't forget footwear for the apres-ski scene. In many cases, apres-ski boots will complete your outfit. Women's apres-ski boots are especially important, and female skiers shouldn't be afraid to wear something classically "apres-ski," such as Tecnica Moon Boots.


Don't Forget Function!

As important as fashion might be to your apres-ski attire, make sure not to forget function, too.

Your apres-ski clothes should be comfortable. Also, if you are coming right from the ski resort, it might be a good idea to remove a few of your layers, because it's likely that you're going to heat up quickly in the a buzzing bar or restaurant.

It's a good idea for your apres-ski boots to be functional, as well.

Depending on your method of transportation, and the current weather conditions, and where the venue is, your boots might need to have some functional features, such as an insulating layer and traction against slippery footing. For example, if you're walking from the ski resort to the night club, warm and sturdy boots are a good idea. However, in other circumstances, such features might not be as important.


What's Great to Wear for Apres-Ski

  • Your Favorite Fleece - A nice fleece jacket is perfect for casual socializing after the last run of the day.
  • A Vest - Whether it's fleece or down, a vest can be thrown over the most basic shirt and still look great. Vests are also practical because they can be easily removed if you feel too hot.
  • A Sweater - A sweater is always a great option for the apres-ski scene. Even if it's just a sweater that you ski in, a sweater is perfect for the apres-ski scene.
  • A Stylish Hat - If you've ever lamented the replacement of hats for helmets on the ski slopes, then you'll be happy to know that apres-ski is a great place to break out a stylish hat. You can find a nice hat at almost any ski store, and not only does a hat coordinate your outfit, but it will keep you warm when you're out and about, too.
  • Your Ski Jacket - Especially if your ski jacket fits well and looks modern, it's great to wear to an apres-ski event. However, if your ski jacket is too bulky to keep track of once you take it off, it might be a good idea to reserve your ski jacket for the actual slopes.
  • Your Soft Shell Jacket - If you have a soft shell jacket, consider wearing it to the apres-ski scene. After all, it looks great because it just screams "Skier!"
  • Apres-Ski Boots - Don't be afraid to have a little freedom with apres-ski boots! Even if they might be a little too extreme for normal wear, funky boots are classically “apres-ski” and perfect for ski resort night life.


Apres Ski Attire
Whether you're grabbing a cup of coffee, enjoying a dinner at the mountain lodge, or getting drinks with friends, these images provide a variety of examples of apres-ski attire.

What’s Not so Great to Wear for Apres-Ski

  • Your Ski Accessories – It’s probably a good idea to leave your ski accessories behind. Ski goggles, ski helmets, ski masks, neck gaitors, and gloves are just too much for a night on the town.
  • A Ski Suit – If you prefer to ski in a ski suit, don’t wear it for apres-ski. You’ll overheat, and removing the ski suit will just be an unnecessary hassle.
  • Heavily Insulated Snow Pants – If you have heavily insulated snow pants, don’t wear them for the apres-ski scene. Most likely, you’ll find yourself uncomfortable, as they’ll be too bulky and much too hot.
  • Your Ski Boots – After a long day of skiing, why spend unnecessary time in your ski boots? Indulge your feet and put on a comfortable pair of apres-ski boots. Plus, the uncomfortable “ski boot walk” is slightly unattractive and much too awkward in a tight crowd!