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April is the month of showers, fools, and Easter bunnies. Students and teachers will typically take their spring break during this month. While the majority of the school year has been completed there is still a lot to come. These writing prompts for each day of April provides teachers with an easy way to incorporate writing in class. They can be used as straightforward writing assignments, warm-ups, or journal entries.

Feel free to use and modify these as you see fit.

Notable April Recognition

  • Autism Awareness Month
  • Keep America Beautiful Month
  • National Garden Month
  • National Mathematics Education Month
  • National Poetry Month

Writing Prompt Ideas for April

  • April 1 - Theme: April Fool's Day
    Have you ever been 'fooled' successfully by someone on April Fool's Day? Have you ever fooled someone else? Describe the experience. Note: Your answers must be appropriate for a school setting.
  • April 2 - Theme: World Autism Awareness Day
    Do you know anyone that has autism? What can you do to help ensure that you and your friends respect the needs of those with autism or other disabilities?
  • April 3 - Theme: International Children's Book Day
    What's your favorite children's book? Why?
  • April 4 - Theme: Keep America Beautiful Month
    What are your feelings about littering? Have you ever done it? If so, why? Do you think that the punishment for littering is too light or too heavy?
  • April 5 - Theme: National Read a Road Map Day
    Have you ever been lost on a road trip? Describe the experience and how you got safely home.
  • April 6 - Theme: The North Pole Discovered
    Would you like to take a trip to either the North Pole or Antarctica? Why or why not?
  • April 7 - Theme: World Health Day
    Today is World Health Day. What do you think the keys to a healthy lifestyle include? Are you following your own advice? Why or why not?
  • April 8 - Theme: National Garden Month
    Do you consider yourself an inside or outside person? In other words, do you like to hang out in your own home or spend time in nature? Explain your answer.
  • April 9 - Theme: National Name Yourself Day
    In honor of National Name Yourself Day, go ahead and give yourself a new name. Explain why you chose this name.
  • April 10 - Theme: National Sibling Day
    Do you have a sibling or siblings? If so, what is the best thing about them? The worst? If not, are you happy that you are an only child? Explain your answer.
  • April 11 - Theme: National Mathematics Education Month
    Explain three reasons why learning math is important for everyone.
  • April 12 - Theme: Space Shuttle Columbia First Launched
    Would you ever consider being an astronaut? If so, explain why and where you would like to visit. If not, tell why you don't think you'd like to be one.
  • April 13 - Theme: Scrabble Day
    Do you like to play word games like Scrabble? Why or why not?
  • April 14 - Theme: The Titanic Disaster
    The Titanic was billed as an unsinkable ship. Many saw the fact that it sunk as an example of what happens in extreme cases of hubris (arrogant pride). Do you believe that people who are overconfident and arrogant will always fail? Explain your answer.
  • April 15 - Theme: Income Taxes
    What are your feelings on taxes? Do you think that the government should take a higher percentage of money from the wealthy? Explain your answer.
  • April 16 - Theme: National Stress Awareness Day
    Do you feel stressed? What are the causes of stress in your life? What do you do to try and stop being so stressed?
  • April 17 - Theme: Daffy Duck's Birthday
    What's your favorite cartoon character? Why?
  • April 18 - Theme: Paul Revere Day
    What does it mean to be patriotic? Do you feel that you are patriotic?
  • April 19 - Theme: National Poetry Month
    In honor of National Poetry Month, write a poem about one of the following themes:
    • April
    • Spring
    • Easter
    • Rain
    • Flowers
  • April 20 - Theme: Holocaust (Adolf Hitler's Birthday)
    Why do you think there are people who deny that the Holocaust ever occurred?
  • April 21 - Theme: Kindergarten Day
    What's your favorite memory from Kindergarten?
  • April 22 - Theme: Earth Day
    Explain three specific actions that you and your fellow students could take to help protect the environment.
  • April 23 - Theme: International Sing-Out Day
    Do you like to sing? What's your favorite singer, band, and song? Why?
  • April 24 - Theme: Time Travel (Hubble Space Telescope Launched)
    If you could travel back in time, to which age and location would you go? Why?
  • April 25 - Theme: DNA Day
    If you could determine the sex, eye color, height, etc. of a child in advance by using genetic advances, would you do it? Why or why not?
  • April 26 - Theme: Arbor Day
    Today is Arbor Day, the day we are to plant and take care of trees. Joyce Kilmer started her poem "Trees" with the lines:
    I think that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree.
    What are your feelings about trees? Explain your answer.
  • April 27 - Theme: Tell a Story Day
    Write a short story about a funny event that occurred in your or your family's past.
  • April 28 - Theme: Movie Stars (Lionel Barrymore Birthday)
    Take a stand. Explain whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: Movie stars should not complain about a loss of privacy from the press because they chose to enter such a public profession.
  • April 29 - Theme: Thrillers (Death of Alfred Hitchcock)
    What is your favorite thriller or horror movie? Why?
  • April 30 - Theme: National Honesty Day
    Do you consider yourself an honest person? Why or why not?
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