6 Aquarius Full Moon Ritual Ideas

Reaching Skyward

Aquarius is the Waterbearer, the one that draws down energies from divine places, or has flashes of genius.  It's the Zodiac sign of going beyond...beyond the known.

Full Moons are already a time of illumination.  If you're spinning in a loop of negativity and can't see a way out, invite in the Aqua currents, for an airing out of stale, stuck mindscapes. 

Full Moon rituals move with the big, often cathartic energies of this Moon phase.  Rituals are any action that's full of meaning, is memorable, or sets in your intention.  Your attention is the main ingredient in any ritual.

Here are a few simple rituals to celebrate the Aquarius Full Moon.    

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Welcome Wonder

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Aquarius is wild waves, surprises and shocks that wake us up and out of limiting mindsets. 

Some themes to ponder for your ritual are:  getting beyond fixed beliefs, overcoming creative stagnation, letting your inner freak live a little, and clearing the air. 

Simply lighting a candle is powerful, when you bring your whole self to the moment. Use a quartz crystal to magnify your action or attention. 

Candle colors for Aquarius:  electric blues and greens, purple, yellow-gold, white.

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Ripple Effects

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Aquarius is linked to the Star card in the Tarot.  And the Star card depicts the Waterbearer drawing down divine swirls and mixing them with earthly currents. 

A river or other body of water is a fine place to take a moment for meaningful ritual. 

  • You can become the Star, and scoop out water with a (golden) ladle, and pour it onto your grounded feet (and the earth). 
  • Throw a river stone into the water, and watch the ripple of energy.  Now imagine what you radiate out (Leo Sun) and the ripple effect it has in the world.
  • Invite guidance to align your heart's natural passions (Leo) with a need of humanity in its time of crisis.   
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Watch the Winged Ones

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Birds have been seen as magical, for their ability to soar and touch 'heaven.'  They're symbolic for the merging of both heaven and Earth.  They embody transcendence -- going beyond the limitations of gravity and heavy earthly life. 

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet that surprises with currents that show us the way to transcend.  Here are tips to invite this gift of winging it, and expecting fair winds, in your own life. 

  • Go birding and imagine flying too. 
  • Take note of birds in your area, put up a bird feeder. 
  • Look for bird feathers, for your altar or mantle.
  • Listen to the bird songs -- do they have a message? 
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Fly a Kite

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Here's a fun one that's very active -- flying a kite!  Aquarius is the last air sign of the Zodiac, and the one that punches through what's known.

  1. Tie your message or request to the tail of the kite.
  2. While in flight, see your kite up there as the part of you that flies high, and sees beyond any set-in-stone stories or beliefs.
  3. Keep your kite in a visible place, with a candle or on the wall of your dream room (bedroom).  
  4. Take note of breakthrough ideas, stay receptive to seeing in new ways. 
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Purify with Fire and Air

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A Full Moon in Aquarius is a peak for the elements fire (Leo Sun) and air (Aquarius Moon).  One way to mark the moment is with a dancing flame, as air whips fire up higher. 

Aquarius currents break things wide open, and jar us awake to the possibilities.  But there can be fixed ideas to overcome, that keep us "playing small." 

It's a lunar peak to revive your Leo light, the natural confidence that pulses from within.  To get there, we take a risk (Leo's forte) to let go of past insults and injuries to our self image.  To risk shining again, and this is supported by the higher vision of Aquarius, to put it all in perspective.

  • Sit with a lit candle or near a fire (when safe) at sunset, a powerful time as the Sun (Leo) gives way to the Full Moon (Aquarius). 
  • Spend time recalling what's made you hide your light, the shaming moments or falling short of your own standards.  Write what's in your heart on paper.
  • Purify and release what's stuck by lighting your paper, and watch it rise as it becomes feathery light, and dissolves....
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Skyclad Moonbathing

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In the cool blue tones of the Full Moon, we're liberated from the harsh reality of "what is."  It's an in-between time, a portal, to revive your sense of freedom, divine helping hands and inspired visions.

  • This is for the adventurous.  Take a skyclad Moon bath, if you've got a private vantage point.  Aquarius rules the ankles and the circulatory system, so put your attention on these points, and vital flow through the body.   
  • Leave a scarf, hat or other article of clothing out in the Moon light.  Wear the next day, embodying the freshly caught star and Moon beams. 

Which House?

A Full Moon in Aquarius is a wild card, with erratic, sometimes shocking energies. For ideas to craft your own simple ritual, look to your Aquarius house -- see the Aquarius Full Moon Forecast by Houses.