Archaeology Book Publishers

Where to Find the Latest Books in Archaeology

Every year there are gobs of books published in archaeology, so many that it's impossible to keep up. Luckily, the home pages of some of the publishers maintain a list of recent texts. This list is of reputable presses that maintain a substantial number of scientific archaeological books for the general public.

The BAR Press publishes the well-respected British Archaeological Reports Series, compiling over 3,400 titles since its founding in 1974.  More »

Cambridge has a broad selection of archaeology books, many academic in nature including some of the most interesting theoretical texts you can find. More »

The Cotsen Institute publishes several interesting monograph series, including one dedicated to California archaeology. More »

The CBA publishes a wide range of academic and general public monographs, for archaeologists and the general public. More »

Coyote Press is the place to go if you're looking for classic archaeology books that are no longer in print. They also publish a handful of related texts on the archaeology of the American west. More »

While not a publisher, the David Brown co is a very well established book dealer specializing in archaeology and ancient history for several small university presses. More »

Elsevier, who recently purchased Academic Press, has a primarily academic stable of texts, including some important archaeometry texts, regional surveys and climate-related subjects. More »
Just a few books on archaeology at IU Press, but they include some important field guides. More »
Founded by ex-archaeologist Mitch Allen, Left Coast Press covers a fairly broad variety of science topics, but the main attraction is their stable of archaeological texts, including some of the best CRM studies available. More »
Extremely reputable, the OUP has been in business forever and has established some great encyclopedias of archaeology. More »
Princeton's catalogs has a strong emphasis on Greek, Roman, and Egyptian archaeology, with some additional treasures to be discovered. More »
Rutgers has only a handful of archaeology texts. More »
Springer just got started publishing archaeology texts and the first won't roll out until third quarter 2008. But they do look interesting... More »
Texas A & M Press has a fairly substantial catalog, with emphasis on rock art and Texas history and archaeology. More »
University of California Press has a strong catalog of archaeology of North America and some other good things. More »
The University of Chicago has a fairly broad catalog, which includes several reprints of classic texts. More »
Michigan's archaeological catalog is concentrated on Old World Greek, Roman and Egyptian archaeological books. More »
New Mexico's catalog has a number of books on the American southwest. More »
UT publishes a wide variety of books on archaeological civilizations throughout the world. More »
The UPF publishes books for all Florida universities, and their crowd of archaeology books are primarily, but not exclusively, on Florida and southeastern US culture history. More »
Wiley's books are primarily introductions and overviews, some of which would be suitable as course textbooks. More »
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