A Message of Encouragement from Archangel Ariel

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Angel of Mercy
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Archangel Ariel's name means "Lioness of God." Although angels are androgynous she is an archangel that prefers to interact with the world in a more feminine aspect. Her chief task or job deals with the domain and workings of Earth. This includes things such as weather, crystals, animals, manifesting, nature and nature beings. She also helps human beings develop the soul qualities of courage, focus, healing, and awakening.

Many people depict her as a soft feminine angel but I have always experienced her as a very strong female presence. She is very much "the Lioness" and encourages people to realize that they must take positive action to create positive change in their lives and she will support them in making those changes.

Ariel's message to all of you channeled through Eileen Smith:

I am the archangel of "signs" - those things that you see or come into your life after you have prayed or needed assistance. They can be books, people, animal symbols, songs or anything of Earth.

These are my divine signposts to steer you in a more positive direction. Be aware they are many times subtle, so it is up to you, a human with free choice, to try to get yourself into the mental space to be aware of and recognize the signs I give unto you. Be very aware if your mind is filled with negative thoughts, anxiety, or fear, as it can cause you to miss the signs and my guidance, as I only whisper, I do not shout.

Also too, yours is the choice to follow the sign post or not. This will be totally up to you as I cannot choose that for you, you have to walk in the direction the Divine is pointing to. Only you can do so. We can only gently suggest the direction. Positive change with your earthly life, whether it's your career, your finances, or other worldly concerns requires human action to Divine guidance. If positive outcomes are desired, you must take a positive action to help yourself. Many of you will need the help of others to achieve that, and that is how The Divine, God, The Creator works, through others. Be discerning, but also be still and listen, for angels speak through others. Only those who surrender their attachment to their own way of seeing or doing things will be able to accept insights from others as to how they may not being seeing the situation or their actions clearly.

See? I told you Ariel was a strong feminine presence. She appears to me as a tawny haired female surrounded in a pinkish yellow light and she seems very soft with nature and animal realms. She is compassionate and understanding of Earth life, but at the same time she also seems to be a no-nonsense kind of angel when it comes to taking action for change.

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