Archangel Gabriel's Messages in Dreams

How to Pray and Use Water, Essential Oils to Invite Gabriel's Dream Messages

Archangel Gabriel and dreams
Archamgel Gabriel often communicates through dreams, delivering messages of guidance. Photo by Stockbyte/Getty Images

Archangel Gabriel is known as the angel of revelation because God has chosen Gabriel to make important announcements throughout history. Gabriel often communicates with people through dreams, when the human mind is most open to learning something new. During sleep, people tend to be less afraid of meeting angels and less distracted by other concerns than they are in waking life, so dreaming is a prime time for spiritual guidance.

If you've been praying for guidance about something -- such as how to make an important decision or solve a difficult problem -- Gabriel may send you a dream message to guide you toward God's will in that situation. Here's how you can ask Gabriel to guide you through your dreams:

Pray about What You Hope to Dream about

The best way to start any type of communication with Gabriel is by praying -- either to God, asking him to send Gabriel to visit you in your dreams, or to Gabriel, inviting the archangel directly to come into your dreams. Keep in mind that you're more likely to encounter Gabriel if you've prepared your soul well for a holy encounter. Make some time before bed to confess your sins, renounce them, and make a fresh commitment to living faithfully for God.

Then pray specifically about the topic about which you'd like Gabriel to give you guidance. The process of focusing your waking mind on what you hope to dream about is called dream incubation.

While guardian angels help with dream incubation most often (because they're constantly watching over sleeping people), Gabriel is the most appropriate of the archangels to call on as you prepare to dream, because Gabriel oversees communication between angels and human beings. Gabriel can help you move between levels of consciousness with ease, so that you can interpret God's messages in your dreams with clarity and accuracy.

Use Holy Water

Gabriel is the archangel who rules over water, so some people use water as part of their prayer rituals to invite Gabriel to meet them in their dreams. Holy water -- which is simply water that someone has blessed by praying over it -- is an especially effective tool to use when you hope to communicate with Gabriel.

Water molecules actually respond to people's prayers, thoughts, and emotions, according to groundbreaking scientific research by Masaru Emoto, described in his book The True Power of Water: Healing and Discovering Ourselves. When people direct negative spiritual, mental, and emotional energy toward water, its internal structure changes to become chaotic. But people's positive prayers, thoughts, or emotions change water molecules into orderly, beautiful structures.

By praying over water, you're inviting God's Holy Spirit to change its molecular structure to reflect the beauty of your prayers. You're actually physically infusing the water with your spiritual intentions.

So before you go to bed, pray over a glass of water, asking God to send Gabriel to communicate with you in your dreams that night. Then drink half of the water. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, drink the other half and pray for the ability to remember as much as possible about your dreams from the night before.

Use Essential Oils

Some people who hope to hear from Gabriel during their dreams place a few drops of essential oil on their pillows before going to bed, as a way of welcoming Gabriel's angelic energy into their bedrooms. Essential oils (which are the pure oils of plants), store and amplify electromagnetic energy, just as crystals do. Since spiritual energy -- like that of angels -- manifests physically by means of electromagnetic energy, people sometimes use essential oils and crystals to attract angelic energy to places where they hope to encounter angels.

The energy in certain essential oils vibrates to frequencies that correspond to the white angel light ray that Gabriel leads. The white ray represents the purity and harmony that come from holiness. There are many essential oils that you can use to attract Gabriel's energy -- those that correspond well to Gabriel's light ray.

Out of those, the following oils are especially good to use in your bedroom before dreaming:

* Lavender (for purification from sin, overcoming doubt and fear, or renewal)

* Pine (for purification from sin, or gaining confidence)

* Frankincense (for protection from evil, gaining holy knowledge and wisdom, or helping you focus on God's purposes for your life)

* Sandalwood (for protection from other people's negativity)

* Ylang Ylang (for overcoming negative emotions and experiencing God's peace)

* Rosewood (for the ability to discern God's will clearly)

* Peppermint (for the ability to discern God's will clearly)

* Pepper (for clarity to move toward God's will for you)

* Tea Tree (for gaining confidence in God's plans for you or help understanding other people's motivations toward you)

* Patchouli (for harmony and balance in all aspects of your life)

* Chamomile (for moving forward in life peacefully with pure motives)

Using an essential oil that relates to what you hope to dream about may help you focus on that topic in your dreams, as well as attract Gabriel's angelic energy.

Pay Attention to Your Emotions

Your emotions -- both during your dreams, and immediately after waking up -- are just as important as your thoughts in the process of figuring out the spiritual meaning of each dream. That's because God has made emotions the creative force that propels thoughts into action. During a dream, Gabriel may direct your attention to feelings that you've buried deep inside your subconscious. Gabriel may make you aware of positive emotions, such as showing you how excited you truly are about an opportunity that God is encouraging you to pursue.

If you need healing for an issue in your life that brings up negative emotions, Gabriel may direct your attention to that through a nightmare to urge you to work through the healing process.

Gabriel may also send you emotional energy as part of the message God wants to communicate to you through a dream. For instance, Gabriel may send you a sense of peace about a decision you're considering making. Or, Gabriel may make you feel alarmed about something dangerous in an effort to protect you from it.

Record Dream Details Just After Awakening

As soon as you can after waking up (but after drinking the remaining water, if you're doing the water prayer ritual), record everything you can remember about your dreams from that previous evening. Begin with whatever you recall first, and then work backward to see if any other details emerge.

Then pray for Gabriel's help interpreting the meanings of your dreams -- especially as it relates to your future, since Gabriel often delivers prophetic messages about the future in dreams.


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