Architecture and Design Schools in the US Ranked Best

Top American Schools Ranked by DesignIntelligence for 2016

Photo of cubicle-like studio spaces, empty, awaiting new architecture students at Harvard
Studio spaces in Gund Hall, Graduate School of Design at Harvard, Architect John Andrews, 1972. Photo ©Peter Alfred Hess on, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Which architecture school is the most respected? Which is the most innovative? Which is the best landscape architecture school?

Every year, DesignIntelligence conducts an extensive survey for the Design Futures Council, seeking to identify the most successful architecture and design schools in the United States—including landscape architecture, interior design, and industrial design. Hundreds of architects, architecture professors, and architecture organizations contribute to the hefty report, which includes charts, graphs, statistics, analysis, and school rankings.

Mind you, school rankings can't tell you which college is best for your own particular interests and needs. You'll want to visit prospective schools and talk with students and graduates. Then, weigh your observations with this fact-packed report. Whether you're a graduate student or just starting out as an undergraduate, Design Intelligence does the research.

America's Best Architecture & Design Schools

Selected findings from DesignIntelligence, 2016

Top Graduate Programs in Architecture
(M.Arch Degree)

Top Undergraduate Programs in Architecture
(B.Arch Degrees)

America's Best Landscape Architecture Schools

Selected findings from DesignIntelligence, 2016

Top Graduate Programs in Landscape Architecture

Top Undergraduate Programs in Landscape Architecture

    The complete report with all of the top school rankings, including the best ranked Industrial Design schools, the best Interior Design schools, a directory of top schools, and helpful articles may be purchased from DesignIntelligence. To order a print edition or a PDF download, visit America's Best Architecture & Design Schools.

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