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Great Book Collections for Homeowners, Home Builders, and Home Remodelers

Our bookstore lists favorite titles in a wide range of categories. Included are floor plan collections, reference works, books for architecture students, and -- for lighter reading -- lively fiction in which architecture is the hero.

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Books for Homeowners, Home Builders, and Home Remodelers

Interior design rendering sketch
Interior design rendering sketch. Illustration by SireAnko/iStock Vectors Collection/Getty Images

Everything you need to know to build or remodel your home: Construction guides, how-to resources, building cost estimators, house plans, building plans, and books on choosing paint colors, building decks, and other home remodeling projects.

  • Guidebooks to House Styles—Use these illustrated books to learn about architectural styles and to find the style of your house and other buildings.
  • Building Plan Books—Historic pattern books, mail order plans, building plans for new construction, blueprints, floor plans and books about American homes.
  • Books to Help You Choose House Paint Colors—Whether your home is new or old, the colors you choose will dramatize -- or disguise -- architectural details. How do you find a color combination that will bring out the best? Begin with these beautifully illustrated books.
  • Home Renovation Books, a list from Our Home Renovations Expert
  • Best Home Improvement Guides, a list and confessions from Our Home Renovations Expert

Give these for gifts or keep them for yourself. These "coffee table" books have lush photographs of the world's great buildings, from ancient castles to modern skyscrapers. More »
Dreams of Becoming an Architect
Young architect relaxing in his office, model on books. Photo by Westend61/Getty Images
For university students, essential reference books, books on architecture theory, and exam study manuals for architecture, engineering, and related fields. More »

Architecture is the hero in these fun novels. Skyscrapers, haunted houses, and other buildings help shape the story and, sometimes, architects are the heroes (or villains). We still go back to Howard Roark.... More »

Male child engineer in hard hat designing a new house, model house on desk, drawing on chalkboard
Future architect / engineer. Photo by selimaksan/E+ Collection/Getty Images
For small tots, school children, and teenagers, these books are fun and educational. Parents and teachers will find this list helpful to select age-appropriate books about architecture and home design. More »
It is human nature to seek utopia. Architects and town planners have developed many theories on how to build the ideal cities and towns. A group of designers known as "New Urbanists" are proposing ways to minimize sprawl and create "people-friendly" communities. Here are the classic texts about New Urbanism and City and Town Design, along with a few of our favorites. More »
Modern green eco house interior with tree inside, modern furniture, bookcase on wall
Learn to Go Green. Photo by tulcarion/E+ Collection/Getty Images

Here are books and building guides for buildings that use non-toxic, allergy-safe, eco-friendly materials and practices. This topic is especially difficult—are the "solutions" to real problems product driven? how do you know who to believe? Sometimes all you can do is read, try, and try again with something new. More »