Are Teachers Required to Join Teacher Unions?

Woman holding sign at Teacher's Union Strike in Chicago
Scott Olson/Staff/ Getty Images News/Getty Images

Teacher unions were created as a way to combine the voices of teachers so that they could better bargain with school districts and protect their own interests.

Many new teachers wonder if they will be required to join a union when they get their first teaching job. The short answer to this question is "no." By law, a teacher's union cannot force teachers to join. It is a voluntary organization. However, this does not mean that there might not be pressure from your fellow teachers to join the union. Sometimes this pressure is subtle. For example, you might have someone mention their own membership in the union to you often. Other times, it might be more overt with a fellow teacher asking you point blank to join and explaining the benefits of membership. In either of these cases, however, realize that you have the ability to choose whether union membership is right for you.

Joining a union does provide legal protection and other benefits. However, some teachers do not wish to join because of the costs and other perceived issues with union membership. Read more about the costs and benefits of membership in the American Federation of Teachers.

It is also important to note that not all schools and school districts have union representation. In order for a union to be represented in a district, certain requirements must be met including the number of teachers who are willing to join from the beginning. This does not mean that you cannot have some of the benefits of union membership in these districts. The AFT provides teachers with an associate membership that provides certain benefits.

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