Frank Lloyd Wright in New Hampshire

Plan Your Architecture Trip to Manchester, NH

Clerestory front windows of Zimmerman House, Usonian style Frank Lloyd Wright in New Hampshire
The Isadore and Lucille Zimmerman Residence in New Hampshire, a Usonian style house by Frank Lloyd Wright. Photo © Jackie Craven

You don't have to go to Chicago to see the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Plenty of people in the Northeast have works by America's most famous architect right in their backyard.

The Zimmerman House

Guided tours of this classic Usonian style house by Frank Lloyd Wright depart by shuttle van from the Currier Museum of Art. Tours are limited to 12 people, so you'll need to make reservations in advance. The house is closed during the winter months.

If you miss the tour, you can still drive by and see the outside of the Zimmerman House. Simply follow Union Street north from downtown Manchester. The Zimmerman House is located at 223 Heather Street, which is on the corner of Union and Heather streets.

The Kalil House

The Toufic H. Kalil house by Frank Lloyd Wright is privately owned. No tours are available. If you choose to drive by, please be mindful of the privacy of the current residents. The Kalil house is located on 117 Heather Street, just a stroll from the Zimmerman house. If you take the Zimmerman house shuttle bus tour, your guide will point out the Kalil house as you pass.

Where To Stay

The Ash Street Inn on 118 Ash Street is perhaps the most comfortable and the most interesting lodging in Manchester, New Hampshire. The owners removed the old asbestos shingle siding to restore the elegant Queen Anne style house. During your stay, take special note of the stained glass windows and elaborate fireplace mantels. Be sure to ask about History/Architecture Weekend Getaway packages when you make your reservation.

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