Ariel Williams Holloway

Harlem Renaissance Figure

Known for: Harlem Renaissance role

Occupation: musician, teacher, poet
Dates: (1905 - 1973)
Also known as: Ariel Williams

About Ariel Williams Holloway:

Ariel Williams received a bachelor's degree in music from Fisk University in 1926 and another bachelor's degree in music from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. She taught music in North Carolina, Florida and Alabama. She was the first supervisor of music in the Mobile, Alabama, public school system, 1939-1973.

She also played music and, in 1926-1935, published a number of poems in one of the leading journals of the Harlem Renaissance, Opportunity.

Places: Mobile, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee
Organizations, Affiliations: Harlem Renaissance, Fisk University

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