Aries Rising - Rising Signs

Lust for Life

Getty Images - Jessica Lia.

Aries has a wow factor, and makes a striking first impression. 

Of course, that goes the other way and you have an abrasive personality that's always in-your-face.  

Your chart's ruling planet is Mars, blessing you with physical vitality and a strong will.  If your Rising Sign is fireball Aries you meet life with courage, and a bit of recklessness at times. 

You move on impulse, and often have less of a filter than others.

  You express yourself and don't hold back.  That makes you a fiery force to be reckoned with, especially for more deliberate or controlled personalities. 

You free up others to just blurt things out, and act on impulse.  Parents of an Aries Rising child will want to keep an eye on your moving tot at all times.  These are action babies, and that carries on into life.

Aries Rising guys and gals do well when they can direct their big bursts of energy in creative ways.  Aries gets depressed if there's no release of all that energy.  There's a need for catharsis, and you suffer if you've been bullied into repressing your naturally spontaneous nature.  

Aries is the sign of the rebellious youth, and you can go trough trial and error channeling your big energies.  If you don't get positive attention, you might settle for negative attention, and go Dark Side Aries.  

A potential shadow trait of Aries Rising is becoming intimidating, and using your personal charisma as a battering ram.

 Aries is the Ram, after all, and can use brute force, and that becomes destructive.  

Do you throw your weight around and have tantrums?  You might be quick to anger, and even rage, with this Rising sign.  But just as quickly it flashes, it's gone, and you've moved on.  

That's cathartic for you, but often hard on others, who can become tired and overwhelmed by your enthusiasm.

 The super sensitive can be put off, and conspire against you, so learn to pick up subtle signals.  

The Rising Sign is how you engage with your world, and you come on strong!  Sometimes people step in to try to control you.  But other times, colleagues and friends are emboldened to push out with confidence also.  

The Firestarter 

This Rising Sign gives you lots of physical vitality and self-confidence. You are restless and have an impulsive need to act on your ideas. That’s inspiring to others, since you tend to get things started.

You shoot out of the gate, and that enthusiasm is contagious, sweeping everyone up in the momentum. It’s harder for you to follow through, since you need to be at the edge, setting things off.

Your nature is cardinal and that means you initiate everything new.  You start things, but don't necessarily finish them.  You thrive in a situation where you are the one with the ideas, and others set them in motion, or bring them to fruition.    

You’ve got a forceful personality that gets a rise out of others. You can be brusque and arrogant at times, and pick fights for no reason. Your mean streak comes out when you’re not able to find a release for all that explosive energy.

  But at the same time, it’s your nature to provoke, and you’ll likely always elicit strong reactions.

Personality: courageous, action-oriented, fiery emotions, willful, instigator, quick temper, passionate.

Body and Style: trend setter, ruddy complexion, loud talker, strut and swagger, direct gaze, firm handshake.