Aries Sun with Moon Signs

The Lunar Side

Credit: Adriana Varela Photography / Getty Images.

Each Aries is different, and it begins with the Moon sign, which is the emotional base of the birth chart.

Your Aries Sun imbues you with the bursting energy of Spring -- how lucky is that?  When others are wilting from fatigue, you're getting a second wind.  Your high spirits can be contagious, and your gift is being able to begin again and again throughout life.  

Having a cardinal (forward thrusting) Sun sign has you leaning into life as you walk.  Your Moon sign then, is how you restore yourself, after a day of go-getting.  It's how you refill the well, and unwind.  It's also your comfort zone -- how you recover from any blowback (you are a fire sign after all) from those closest to you. 

As a fire sign, you want to watch out for burn out.  That's when you're brittle, quick to anger and everyone around you walks on eggshells.  Your sign is naturally aggressive-assertive.  That's how you roll.  But you need downtime, too, and your Moon leads to those needs.

Every Aries is different, and your Moon sign is the softer, more receptive side of your personality.  That's good to know, since your Sun is Mars-ruled, making it one of the most, if not THE most active sign in the Zodiac.

Find out about your Moon by looking for the symbol on the birth chart.

Your Aries Sun With

Aries Moon

Double Aries!  Restores self with more action, situations that demand courage and being able to think on your feet.  Quick to react emotionally.  Open with feelings, even difficult (confrontational) ones.  Thrives on fresh starts in love and life.

Taurus Moon

A very sensual lover, with the passion of a fire sign.  Is forceful about getting what you need, financial and emotional stability.  At times, a set in your ways fighter.  Patience to see a project through, and an ability to settle into a productive rhythm.   

Gemini Moon

Animated and social, the fire of Aries is whirled by the lively air of this Moon.  An emotional hunger for variety, ever-changing work, the currency of ideas.  Potentially a flighty lover, but always a fun friend ready to act on the fly.  Relaxes with books, magazines, the 'net, conversation.

Cancer Moon

An emotionally perceptive Aries.  Loving and loyal, a dangerous cornered animal when wounded.  Likely to close out others defensively, to avoid having feelings hurt.  Sun-Moon square in this combo, so way of being at times clashes with emotional nature.  

Leo Moon

Only motivated when heart's in it.  Loves to be in love!  The Aries spirit for initiating with this Moon surges out from the personality, the unique shine of the Self.  A natural leader at home in the spotlight.  Creations have a style that's one-of-a-kind.  Relaxes with impromptu games, doing things just for fun, being with kids or in the embrace of an ardent lover.

Virgo Moon

An odd mix, with Aries looking before leaping and Virgo (Moon) caution and need for order.  Thrives with a steady routine that feels efficient.  Being at the (Aries) creative edge, in situations that make sense, and are not out of control.  Relaxes with solitude, and tuning in to needs of the moment. 

Libra Moon

An Aries that is always checking its Self in the mirror of relationships.  Is at home melding energies with one other.  There can be wild swings to either extreme -- of considering only Me, and only We.  Sun-Moon oppose each other, for a lifelong meditation on being a free individual, that thrives in the give and take of relationships.  Relaxes in beautiful, artful places, away from the maddening crowd. 

Scorpio Moon

A naturally guarded and self-controlled Moon, at odds with the outbursts of Aries.  Seeks experiences of emotional catharsis, in deep love, and in the creative process.  Emotionally perceptive, and powerful when channeling that intensity into own highest goals.  Relaxes with vigorous exorcise or lovemaking.

Sagittarius Moon

This fire Moon accentuates the free-spirited nature of Aries.  Loyal to life experience, and chafes at being slowed down or restrained.  Dreams of adventure travel, and leaning new things first-hand.  Relaxes with physical feats, sexual encounters, socializing, trekking across new terrain.

Capricorn Moon

An emotionally guarded Aries, that has enormous drive, and is a formidable competitor/opponent.  The Sun-Moon square means there's ongoing inner tension, with conflicting drives for self-containment, and being led by the raw impulses of the creative Self.  Relaxes with fortifying meals and exercise, and planning next moves.   

Aquarius Moon

An Aries that can seem remote, and strangely unemotional.  A compatible pairing, when airy expansive instincts meet the creative fires of Aries.  Happiest when in the mix, with eclectic, bright people.  Thrives when following a fascination.  Could have unusual (to others) taste in lovers. 

Pisces Moon

A mystical Aries that finds peace with lots of time alone, and good habits of self-care.  Experiences a bewildering lack of boundaries at times.  Aries desire for self-definition is blended with Pisces Moon dissolving into the background, as part of all of life.  Thrives with artistic outlets and encouragement from a thoughtful inner circle.