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There are few ways a team can honor a player more than to retire his uniform number. Over their vast history, the Cardinals franchise has done just that for a handful of former players. Below is a look at those who have received that distinction.

#8 - Larry Wilson:

Feared by offensive players because of his physical style of play, safety Larry Wilson was often referred to as the toughest player in the game.

An instinctive pass defender and a great open-field tackler, his style of play led to the innovation of the safety blitz by defensive coordinator Chuck Drulis, who recognized Wilson's uncanny ability to get to the ball.

During his NFL career, which began as a seventh-round draft pick in 1960, Wilson intercepted 52 passes, including a league-high 10 in 1966. He was also selected to play in eight Pro Bowls and was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1978.

#40 - Pat Tillman:

A quality safety who played for the Arizona Cardinals for four seasons, Pat Tillman, a true American hero, gave up an NFL career and a multi-million dollar contract to enlist in the Army Rangers following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. Tragically, he was killed by friendly fire during a firefight in the mountains of Afghanistan in 2004 when his Ranger patrol was ambushed.

#77 - Stan Mauldin:

An offensive tackle who played for the Chicago Cardinals for three years, Stan Mauldin died of a heart attack following a game against the Philadelphia Eagles in 1948.

Mauldin helped the Cardinals to an NFL championship in 1947, but collapsed in the locker room following the team's opening-day win the following season.

#88 - J.V. Cain:

Tragedy struck the Cardinals again in 1979 when tight end J.V. Cain died of congenital heart failure on his birthday during training camp.

#99 - Marshall Goldberg:

Marshall Goldberg played halfback and defensive back for the Chicago Cardinals from 1939–43 before enlisting in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He rejoined the team in 1946 and helped them win an NFL championship in 1947 and a Division title in 1948.

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