Private School Art Classes & After-School Programs

Helping Serious Artists Get Accepted at Art Colleges

Something you might not immediately think of when looking at high school options is whether or not art classes and after-school programs are of great importance to you. When a student has a passion for the creative side of learning, picking a school that embraces the arts can be crucial for success. This is one situation where private schools can often offer more opportunities for creative endeavors than the local public schools. There are even private schools that are solely focused on the arts, providing one of the most rigorous and influential artistic experiences for students aspiring to study art in college and pursue a creative career path. Check out the reasons private school is so ideal for artists.

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Educators Who are Practicing Artists

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Often, the faculty members who teach art are talented artists themselves, having studied at some of the best arts colleges in the country. They bring with them a wealth of talent and knowledge of the art world, as well as connections to top art colleges and working artists today. Art teachers at private schools are often much more than just teachers and can help students looking to pursue artistic careers network with industry leaders and set them on the path to greatness. 

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Ample Budgets for Arts Programs

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While many public schools are forced to cut arts programs out of their curriculums to meet budget constraints, private schools continue to heavily invest in these creative programs. Many private schools have entire buildings dedicated to the arts, both fine & performing art programs, and they also have large budgets and endowments that support the operation of these buildings. Engaged alumni, some of whom are famous artists themselves, also support the arts programs through generous financial donations, which help to ensure that these programs will live on forever at their alma maters. They also offer state of the art resources for students, including Makerbot machines.

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Art Schools/Programs for Serious Artists and Performers

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Not only do private schools offer everyday classes that are targeted to the serious artist, some schools even take a concentrated approach to the arts. That approach can be something like a special course, like the art major program at Cheshire Academy (a boarding school in Connecticut), or even an entire school dedicated to the arts, like Walnut Hill School for the Arts (a boarding school for art students outside of Boston).

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Requirements of Arts

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Private schools not only value creative learning but promote it heavily to their students, which often translates into art class requirements. For some students, this may not seem like a benefit, but engaging in art classes helps them to develop creative thinking skills that can translate into new ways of thinking that can benefit other academic areas. Spatial reasoning skills, decision making, creative problem-solving experience, and teamwork are all vital skills that can come from engaging in art classes. Innovation also requires creative thinking, and that relates to entrepreneurial endeavors. These reasons are among the many that explain why most private schools have core graduation requirements for all students that require them to engage in at least a few elective courses. Plus, because these classes are required, there is usually a wide range of art-influenced classes to take, from digital photography and animation to drawing, dance, and drama. 

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Improved Self Confidence

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An often overlooked benefit of arts programs is improved self-confidence. When a student puts their heart and soul into a work of art, it creates within them a sense of pride in the work that they have created. Great accomplishments in the arts can motivate students to find other areas of academics and life in which they can take on new projects with gusto. Art programs also offer tight-knit communities of artists, who appreciate the hard work that goes into mastering your craft. This encourages new friendships, support systems, 

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Art Programs for Young Children

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Even primary private schools highly value the benefits of art programs. While some view art programs as luxuries or non-essential programs, others widely tout the learning and child development skills that come from engaging in art, such as fine motor skills as they learn to hold paintbrushes and markers or use scissors to create their masterpieces. Even simply drawing shapes can help them develop dexterity that will eventually relate to skills in the future, such as handwriting