Art Projects for Fine Motor Skills and Following Directions

Supporting Skills for Students with Disabilities

Art projects really motivate students to use fine motor skills, and to remember directions. Worksheets are all too often the go to for helping students practice skills, but art projects are motivating. 

Like any good teacher, I value stimulating children's creativity, and projects are often seen as stultifying and restrictive. Sorry, projects are one way we can guarantee that our students create a project that they can be proud of and take home with them. Obviously I also like to provide projects that create opportunities for students to make choices. 

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A Differentiated Art Lesson Plan for Special Education -- Pop Art Lesson Plan

A project based on the work of Warhol
A Project that mimics Andy Warhol. Stephanie Guider

 This fun lesson is designed for older students, and as well as giving students some knowledge of the mid sixties Pop Art movement, specifically built on the multiple images created by Andy Warhol..  By creating simple shapes of their own, your students can create their own multiple image artworks.  

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Tie Dye Flowers made with Coffee Filters

The completed water color flowers, in a vase. Websterlearning

This multiple step project comes with a free printable pdf of directions that you can place in a shoe box with the materials required.  The product is quite attractive but requires more of your students' abilities to follow directions than specific fine motor skills, especially drawing. 

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A Dogwood Blossom Art Project

Spring Flowers.

A simple project that provides a free pdf that you can print on construction paper, so you students can paint over the spreading branches and put the pink blossoms with the side of their fingers, as if they are floating in the air. You might look at some pictures on Google images.

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A Paper Bag Cow Puppet

The finished paper bag cow puppet. Websterlearning

This project comes with a free printable pdf's that your students can color and cut out to mount on a brown paper lunch bag.  This provides students with an art project as well as a product they can use to create their own plays--a great way to promote independent language.  You can print the pdf's on construction paper, or you can create templates so your students trace them on colored construction paper.  Then see the fun begin.  

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Valentines Art Lesson Plan

The Finished Art Project. Stephanie Guider

 This art project comes with a lesson plan.  It provides and opportunity for students with disabilities of all levels ability to succeed.  There are also free printable templates you can print on construction paper for students to cut out and use, or card stock, and have the students trace and cut them out traced.  

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A Cutting Easter Basket

The finished basket and eggs are mounted and assembled. Websterlearning

 This project is both a fun cutting activity and an art project to help your students 1) Follow directions 2) Use fine motor skills and 3) Assemble their project from a model.  Whether with first graders, or third graders with more significant disabilities, the end product is something they can be proud of.  

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A Class Bulletin Board for St. Patrick's Day

A Pot of Gold Bulletin Board Project. Websterlearning

This is a group project involving torn paper.  A great group activity for a self contained classroom, since even the most disabled student can tear and glue the construction paper in the right spaces. It includes a pot of gold you can print and don't forget to use some gold glitter or glitter glue to make it extra special!

Lots of Crafts to Support Student Success

I will be adding lots of projects as well as snagging more to give you lots of ideas for simple projects with pizzaz your students can be proud of. Nothing better than to help your students build skills while motivating them to follow directions and make something they can be proud of.

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