Article Use in English Quiz

Do you know when to use 'a', 'an' and 'the'?

A An The Uses
1. I had ____ fish and ____ chips for dinner.
2. I'm on ___ diet. No ___ sugar for me!
3. I'm staying at ___ hotel on ____ Hudson river.
4. Can I pay by ___ check?
5. ___ friend of mine is coming to visit next week.
6. Have you got ____ car fixed yet?
7. I heard ___ knock on ___ door.
8. When do you get ___ home?
9. I wish he wouldn't talk during ___ lesson. Maybe the teacher should have ___ word with him.
10. There was ____ sound in ____ living room.
11. Jack Anderson was caught holding _____ match during _____ fire.
12. She replied in _____ surprise that _____ question was much too difficult.
13. I'm afraid I can't remember _____ exact date of _____ show.
14. She's staying at _____ hotel in _____ small town in Colorado.
15. _____ children went to _____ film yesterday afternoon.
16. I'm afraid _____ answer is 'no'. Come back when you can make _____ new proposal.
17. _____ fruit is usually sold by _____ pound.
18. He got _____ job in _____ best company in town.
19. _____ Pacific Ocean is _____ largest body of water on _____ Earth.
20. You can find _____ books you'll need for class at _____
Article Use in English Quiz
You got: % Correct. You Know Your Articles!
I got You Know Your Articles!. Article Use in English Quiz
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Congratulations! It's clear you know how to use articles in English which is no easy feat! Keep studying English and you'll be fluent in no time. 

Article Use in English Quiz
You got: % Correct. Good Job, Keep Studying
I got Good Job, Keep Studying. Article Use in English Quiz
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 Well done. You understand the basics of article usage, but there are  some exceptions to the rules that you should review. 

Article Use in English Quiz
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I got Article Use is Difficult!. Article Use in English Quiz
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 Correct article usage is one of the most difficult things to learn in English as there are so many exceptions to the rule. Keep working on your English, review the rules, and you'll understand soon.