Ashley Parker Angel - Let U Go

Ashley Parker Angel - Soundtrack to Your Life
Soundtrack to Your Life. © Universal

The Bottom Line


Ashley Parker Angel is the latest male vocalist attempting to prove there is a musical life beyond a boy band. Angel was one of the most visible members of the boy band O-Town, formed as part of the reality TV show Making a Band. His first solo effort is classic teen pop, but unfortunately it is rather formulaic. The song is a hit which will insure there is an audience for his upcoming full-length album.


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  • Classic teen-oriented power pop sound
  • Ashley Parker Angel's charisma shines through


  • This formula from the Matrix production team is growing tired


  • Charging guitar and drums
  • Teen idol rock vocals
  • Effective a capella breakdown near the end

Guide Review - Ashley Parker Angel - Let U Go


Ashley Parker Angel's group O-Town had a swift rise and fall on the record charts following its formation during the 2000 reality TV show Making a Band. By the time they broke up in 2003 they had reached the top 10 on the singles chart twice and one of their two albums reached the top 5 on the albums chart. Now, in efforts to launch a solo career, Ashley Parker Angel has agreed to be part of MTV's There and Back, another reality show about trying to make it in the music business.

So far it all seems to be working for Ashley Parker Angel. This first single is a satisfying slice of power pop guaranteed to appeal to his core teen audience, even if the formula laid down by production team the Matrix is a bit trite.

The Matrix have been behind hits by artists such as Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff. They obviously weren't attempting to break new ground here. This track doesn't come close to projecting the personality evident in the music of Teddy Geiger, a likely competitor.

Despite these complaints, "Let U Go" has accomplished its purpose of getting Ashley Parker Angel's solo voice in front of his potential fans.

The song fits well on radio playlists and will generate significant interest in the first album to be titled Soundtrack to Your Life.


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