AP World History Study Guide: Asian History Topics

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Are you preparing for the AP World History Exam? Here are the topics from Asian History that may appear on your World History test.

Foundations: c. 8000 B.C.E. – 600 C.E.

The Great River Valley Civilizations:

Classical Civilizations:

  • Political developments in classical India
  • Political developments in classical China

    Major Asian Belief Systems:

    Late Classical Developments:

    Comparisons and Analysis:

    • Compare the social hierarchies within Hinduism and Buddhism
    • Compare the roles of women within Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism and Hinduism
    • Compare India's caste system with different types of slavery
    • Describe the Silk Road
    • Compare the political and social structures of Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and Shang China

    Late Classical through Medieval Asia

    Emergence of New Empires and Systems:

    Changing Contacts and Cultural Patterns:

      Demographic Changes:

      Comparisons and Analysis:

      Asian History, 1450-1750

      New Empires and Developments:

      Comparisons and Analysis:

      • Compare colonial administrations in Asia
      • Analyze empire-building in Asia
      • Compare Russia's interactions with Ottoman Turkey and China

      Asian History, 1750-1914

      Major Developments:

      Comparisons and Analysis:

      • Debates over Europe's technological development in relation to Asia's
      • Compare the Industrial Revolution in Japan and western Europe
      • Compare responses to European expansionism in China, the Ottoman Empire, India, Southeast Asia and Japan
      • Compare nationalism in China and Japan
      • Compare the Indian Congress Movement with Pan-Africanism

      Asian History, 1914 to Present

      Major Developments

      • World War I in Asia
      • World War II in Asia
      • The Cold War in Asia
      • Nuclear weapons
      • Economic development of the Pacific Rim
      • Deforestation and environmental change in Asia
      • Rural to urban population movement in Asia

      Comparisons and Analysis

      • Compare the legacies of colonialism in Asia with those in Africa or Latin America

      Best of luck on your exam!

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