Asking Indirect Questions Quiz

Use indirect questions to be more polite in conversations

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1. Where do you live?
2. When was the building constructed?
4. How often does he arrive late for work?
5. What type of car have you got?
6. How much time do you spend watching TV?
8. What time is it?
9. When are you going to finish the project?
10. How old is John?
Asking Indirect Questions Quiz
You got: % Correct. You're Very Polite!
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 Great job. It's obvious you know how to ask questions indirectly which will serve you well on those occasions that's its important to be polite. Keep learning English and you'll continue to make a good impression. 

Asking Indirect Questions Quiz
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 You understand how to form some indirect questions, but you'll need to review some more until you're perfect! Remember that indirect questions do not use the same form as direct questions, but begin with a phrase followed by your question in standard statement form. 

Asking Indirect Questions Quiz
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 Indirect questions are introduced with a phrase such as 'I wonder ...', 'Can you tell me...' etc. followed by your question changed to positive statement. For example: When do you leave? -> I wonder when you leave. Keep studying and you'll understand indirect questions soon.