Assessing the Chakra System

Intuitively Scanning the Primary Chakras

Chakra Colors. image © daz smith, Flickr Creative Commons

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I have received many emails over the past several years from my readers asking me how I know that the various chakras are associated with specific colors.

My answer: I don't know for certain. However, I trust and value healers who have intuitively seen these colors and have reported them as such.

Chakra Color Associations

I participated in weekly healing classes that were taught by Tom Carbone, a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing from 1995 through 1996. During that study course I learned basic techniques in energy work which included aligning the chakra system. It was then that I was learned the color chart for the seven primary chakras.

Because I am a visual sensitive people will sometimes assume that I see auras and chakra colors on a daily basis. But actually, I rarely see a person's aura and mostly experience seeing chakras through visualizing symbols rather than color.

In working with different healers it is important for a client to understand that all healers are not equal. Different approaches are used by healers. Each healer is a combination of his or her own talents, tools they have accumulated, trainings/workshops they've undertaken, and experiences of working with clients and healing associates.

In my healing practice I utilize a couple of different ways to assess a person's chakra system.

From my healer tool box: I will physically measure the openings and movements of the individual chakras using a wooden pendulum as an intentional tool.

From my talent: I will energetically scan the chakra system by intuitively scanning the person by using my visual sensitive talents. During the scanning process I will intently focus on the chakras separately while being receptive of any information that comes.

I will do an energetic chakra scan on a person in my home office or as a consult over the telephone. If I am with the person I will have him/her sit in a chair facing me. I will give them basic instruction to relax and breathe comfortably during the process. I begin scanning by focusing on their 7th (crown) chakra first and will continue moving down the body to the 6th, 5th, and so on until I finish at the 1st base chakra. This process is very brief and normally takes only 10-15 minutes.

Although I take time to assess all seven primary chakras the total scan will normally reveal no more than 3 chakras that will require my attention. A person may be imbalanced in more areas but working on an overload of imbalances in a single session would not benefit the healer or the client. It is important to understand that healing work is done in layers. Working with chakras is not about getting a one time evaluation and applying a quick fix. After doing my chakra scan I will discuss any discoveries made with the client and together we outline a treatment plan for aligning/balancing problem areas.

Below are my notes from a chakra scanning session I did on a client that indicated imbalances in his 5th, 4th, and 1st chakras.

Chakra Scan: Symbols Received / Healer Assessment

Fifth Chakra / Throat

Circular Saw Blade spinning about the person's collar.
Assessment: Imbalance from experiencing verbal abuse (cutting words).

Fourth Chakra / Heart

Boxing Glove / Tarzan beating his chest / Heart wrapped in Barbed Wire
Assessment: This person is a fighter. He (Tarzan) has learned to fend for himself in the jungle (life). He has experienced heartache in the past and although he outwardly appears to be strong and virile he has chosen to protect his heart center from others. His choice of using barbed wire as fencing for his protection shows inner conflict (piercing & scarring) and guarded emotions (heart casing).

First Chakra / Base

Half empty ketchup bottle turned upside down that is stopped up in the neck of the bottle.

Assessment: First chakra blockage/bleeding. Client disengaged from his lower extremities. Needs help grounding.